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Beah heah

Anothah day, anothah example of a perfectly blissful Red Sox Spring Training camp.


If it's not Varitek holding court like Arthur at the Round Table, it's new guys like Crawford paying homage to Red Sox legends.


It's an absolutely model camp.


Are you kidding me? If this camp was run any more efficiently there'd be a string quartet playing Brahms as you entah.


The average American only drinks the equivalent of 470 pints of beer a year.


The Baptists, Mormons, and othah assorted alcohol dissing nuttahs are bringing us down.


Seriously. You know what my Uncle Murph calls the consumption of 470 pints of beer?





470 pints a year? I have that much spilled on my carpet.

Cut me some slack-I'm drinkin' as fast as I can ;D

We don't socially drink at lunch like they do in Europe, which I think drags down our numbers quite a bit. Two pints per work day per year would get us back into the game.

in re: drinking:

when I was younger,in the 1970's(look it up), I'd go out with the older gentlemen in my company for lunch every day. They would have a couple of martinis at the Palm or some similar establishment whilst waiting for their entree to arrive and then have a couple of Heineken's with their tasty prime rib.

They are mostly dead now, and one who aren't probably suffered from gout or depression or both. That was probably 40 years ago or so, and I don't see much of the happening, now. I mean, you can't even get a 20oz Sapporo Silver Bullet at the noodle shop with lunch. Or can you?

Maybe we should ask Bob.

we could ask Bob, but it's lunchtime now and the cell reception at Pete's is spotty

Not surprised at that stat. In the last 6-7 years I have met an incredible amount of people who used to drink. Apparently they think devil water ruined there lives. Funny thing though, they still not payin bills, still wreckin cars, still fightin with they old ladies, still barely holdin a job. Yep, it must have been the alcohol.

I think the 470 pints is a misprint and should probably be 47. There's no way that 9.4 litres or 31 glasses of wine equate to 470 pints of beer. If I'm right, then I bring the average up, as I have about a pint a day.

Yeah, that's off. but maybe the misprint in in the 31 for the wine?

I saw another story that put US consumption at 24 gals per person. But I think that was 24 gals alcohol pure. So who knows?

That's IT. 2,735 days stone cold sober, but who's counting? You're right...Jezus H...it's practically unpatriotic. Fuggit.

Thanks. I owe everything in my rosy future to today's strip.

Just got back from lunch. What's been happening here?

470? Damn straight, I'm an above average kind of guy.

Gimme 420.

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