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2+ 4 Tito

Well, this is great news — the Sox intend to pick up francona's 2-yr, option at the end of the year.


And well deserved.


Rememebah when he was named skippah and we were all skeptical?


Us? Skeptical? Get the frig out.


The man is now eligible for sainthood.


Are you kidding me? They should rename the pass between the mountains Lafayette, Lincoln, and Canon, "Francona Notch."


And then they should reconstruct a rock formation with the profile of Francona and call it "the Old Tito of the Mountain."


Oh, hell, yeah they should.



The old manager of the mountain????

I think they should name the road through the White national Forest the Francomangus Highway.

you're welcome,


I think they should name the road through the White national Forest the Francomangus Highway.

you're welcome,


I think they should rename tits Titos.

On second thought, just give him the contract extention.

Seems like just yesterday we were calling him "Francoma"-Oh wait...

cool, double post. I am a special boy.

I think they should name Donald Trump's hair the Francombover

I think Clark Gable should start saying, "Francona, I don't give a damn"

If he wasn't dead, I mean (Clark Gable).


I think they should chage the word "fuck" to Francona

That should hold you people for a while.


And when the Sox don't live up to expectations and we all turn on Tito, we can stop in at The Fume Gorge on our way back from the Notch.

Poor bastard had to deal with Manny for how many years? The fact is, he's a player's manager, and sometimes fans don't like that. But sometimes the fans should mind their own damn business.

Reminds me I need to clean Webby's removable flume gorge.

The Knack should put out a song called, "My Francona."

They might have to reunite for that.

Larry L just called to sell me a package tour "Pilgramage to the Shrine of St. Tito"

Sponsored by Doritos.

The worst I can say about Francona is that I think, when he's interviewed and talking about the team or players, he way too often says that "they feel good about themselves" or "he's feeling good about himself". Other than that, I think he's about as perfect a guy for the job given his make-up and approach and baseball knowledge as we'd ever find. Although I gotta say that, barring injuries, even I could manage the Sox to 95 wins this year.

Not to be a downer, but the Knack guy is dead, just like Clark Gable.


louclinton is on fire today and that to me is the biggest omen of the 2011 season.

Rename the highway that runs from Boston to Stockbridge "The Francona Pike".

I'm going to hit off the Tee-to for a few days and then start spraying to all fields.


Surly but Titoble.

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