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With redolences...

And Lestah's already talking World Series...


Yeah, and while we're living in the land of the wishful thinking, why don't we all hop on our government wasted stimulated invested high-speed rail to our glorious, high-paying clean-energy jobs!


I'm way ahead of everyone on the green jobs thing...


I mean my office is pretty much an approved natural gas recovery and collection facility.


Seriously, Al, you've taken flatus to a whole new level... you're a true fahtist.


And Al put the "S" in S.B.D.


Well, you know, while I certainly respect the work of those in the cacaphonic school, I've always felt that the true craftsman works in the silent form.




You're working right now aren't you, Al?


Hey, I'm an American. "We do big things."



Al-King of the Anal Acoustics :)

Wasn't Mussolini a fahtist?

I was so pissed that The Biggest Loser was pushed back an hour. Can't they do these speeches outside of primetime??

I knew I'd seen Al somewhere before.

He puts the art in fart.

I think I saw Al on Boston Common the other day. In Korea, for example, gentlemen who have no jobs just wander around public spaces all day until it is time to go home. They don't tell their family that they lost their job.

That being said, they have highspeed internet, and teachers are referred to as "Laser Show". I think that's what POTUS said.

politically, '


Abby wanted us to try a different position last night, so I did the dishes and she sat in front of the TV and farted.

So when does Cashman begin to say that the divisional race is between him and Theo?

These* are Al's favorite kind of fahts.

*oh holy god in heaven this is not at all work safe.

Ziggy Stardust and the barking spiders from Mars??

Good one, Yazbread. lol

1) When Louclinton posts a comment, my day is fucking made: I could not be more serious.

2) More Bob, more: that's really turning my crank.

3)...There's a Harwich, waiting in the sky, he'd like to come and meet us, but he thinks he'd blow our minds...

4) Pres. Obama's high speed rail fetish begs for this:

*** Update 01/27 ***

Day job again. It's going to be a long winter.

If Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow this year, I'm going to cut off his nuts and stuff them down his mouth.

I know technology and remote access has basically obliterated the concept of a snow day (for adults anyway), but if my VPN is so blown from the volume of people working from home today, I say it's completely within my rights to say 'fuck this noise' and head for a Central Park romp with the dog and a Daily Show taping instead, right?

As newly minted stock option millionaire Nat, why would you even bother to ask? :)

Natalie, I thought you were now a lotus eater.

Oh guys, were that so! There was enough for a modest splurge, a planned vacation and a nice addition to my 401K, but no way I can quit my day job. Pooh.

We are not fooled. I imagine you just bought a place at Central Park West and you cross the street to walk the dog.

yb- I imagine that too... but then the real owners come home, find me in their bed watching Top Chef and eating their leftovers, and call the cops.... who are not impressed when I steadfastly insist that "this is my place," despite none of the photos on the walls being of me and the name "Chin" on the lease.... and it gets predictably ugly from there. :)

"Ha-You silly English knigetts-I fart in your general direction.Your mother was a hampster and your father smelled of elderberries"

I feel like mid-90's Pam Anderson. Every time I turn around, I'm getting plowed under by another 8-9 white inches.

And then getting peed on.

Now here's a real doll with some serious sex appeal:

PS It's still really warm down here.

Just saw Olivia Munn walk into the Daily Show.... Gents, she is truly hot.

sure, Nat, but when you Google "smoking Soxaholix" does HER name come up?!?
methinks not

Sure, but she looks like crap in teal.

Nice work Kaz...but she's smoking in any color. Not that Nat doesn't own teal, just saying that OM = yum.

Exactly, sonomasox. I appreciate the teal compliment, but seriously? That was NOT good proof by Kaz. Chick is hot.

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