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Winter Action

You know it's times like this when baseball, the very thought of baseball seems like a mirage, some down the rabbit hole bit of fiction.


Yeah, it's gonna be awhile before we see Persephone again.


I hate waiting on that prostitot bitch.


Seriously. Who the fuck picks flowers outside the gates of the underworld anyway?


"Oh, hello, Mr Rapey, it's just me 'Sephy out here picking tulips and what no, no need to send up your pimped out black chariot or anything... Oops! I do believe I forgot to put on any panties!"


You know it's one thing if bitch wants to go get her some raw d.p. necro action in Hades, but do we all have to suffah?


Total Pom ho that one.


You know, I blame the mothah.


Absolutely. You go around all MILF-y laying with Cretan boys in a thrice-ploughed field and no good will come of it. No good at all.



Damn vegetation cults. Whoever invented the veggie burger deserves eternity in Hades.

My college roommate named her daughter Persephone. I just can't with that name.

Gil Meche walks from 12mm. Very impressive stat.

It'd be more impressive if he wasn't worth $75,000,000. Still, it IS admirable.

do we dare ask what put Persephone in your head today?

I ate my first pomegranate in Latin class studying the story of Proserpina (Rome's equivalent to the Greek Persephone). I recall, eating them at the time, thinking "so little juice per seed...then you have a pit to spit out? And they don't come out of the husk easily at all either? And they stain everything the juice touches? No wonder these bitch fruit are from the underworld!"

Thrice-ploughed has just been added to the Google AdSpace filter.

Ahh sweet Sriracha,where is thy sting?? I'll tell you Monday (now that should be something fun to yak about) ;D

Good afternoon, Mr. Brachen. This is Agent Andersen from the Google Police...

My fave version of the Persephone myth is the one that says she only ate the Pom seeds *after* Zeus had secured her release because

1) It suggests that she really was a dirty little ho (i.e., eating the seeds meant she would have to return each year)

2) The sacrificial aspect, i.e., spring/summer is better because of the fallow winter, yin/yang and all... sacrifice (quite literally "to make holy") is crucial to the epic myths

Pom and vodka anyone?

It's beer cart time. Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

you'd be surprised what a couple of strips of bacon can do to a veggie burger.

Bacon converts vegetarians.

unlesss they just don't dig on swine

Always appreciate a random Greek mythology reference...sure would make Fr. J.D.B. Hamilton, my classics professor (that's Fatha Just Damn Brilliant Hamilton) at HC smile. Ah, signs of misspent liberal arts education...

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