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Ticking the days off

Happy New Year!


And in the immortal tweet of the unceasingly sagacious Lindsey Lohan with words that I, for one, choose to earnestly abide:

"Today is the first day for the rest of my life."


Yeah, there's nothing like the blank pages of the New Year story to help one take stock of one's self.


I mean I look around and think, "Hey look I'm doing the same crappy things at the same crappy job I was doing last year and the same crappy things and same crappy job as the year before that and the year before that..."


Speaking of a Hideki Okajima....


New Year's Day–
everything is in blossom!
I feel about average.*


And in the spirit of Oki, here's to having a job at all.


Replacement level workahs of the world unite!



All is right with the world again.

Welcome back, H.B. Happy New Year, all.

First strip of the new year - it already feels like Spring. Santa (in the form of my parents) gave me tickets to the Red Sox v. Mets in Port St. Lucie. I am getting an early jump on the season.

Happy New Year, all.

PS - Harwich, your Infinium was really good. Would anyone else like me to drink their Infinium that I got them too? I still have 4 bottles of it left.

HNY, fellow creepy denizens of this space. The old year's last two months was the emotional equivalent of being assigned by Hank Steinbrenner to serve as BigBri's personal commode.

Accordingly, hope springs eternal.

exhaustedly, lc

No problem Kaz,somewhere Jim Koch is smiling ;D

Unlike Eric Man-genius who is looking for a job

Couldn't agree more with Pinto at Baseball Musings: http://baseballmusings.com/?p=63466

Looks like the pre-season of ridiculous predictions is underway! Look, the Sox will be good, but let's go ahead and play some games first before the gooching commences.

So true.

And in a very, very subtle way, that was the undercurrent of today's strip: It'll most likely be an average year, like most years.

Pete Postlethwaite RIP.

Hector "Loony for 4Loko" Luna!


Okajima's back
As Hakuba's wintry snow
Entertains my mob.

Happy new year.

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