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The me in team

Pretty funny, there's a poll ovah on SoSH to grade Theo on FA signings and two peeps give him an F.


I know Theo's not perfect and I respect the whole argument that the 2011 rostah isn't bettah than th 2010 one, but an F. Really?


Seriously. I think to get an F grade Theo would have needed to do something like driving the Truck Day truck while tweaked on crystal and running ovah Cahl Crawford.


Speaking of grades, it's year end review time for us.


Yeah, I had mine yestahday.


How'd it go?


Meh. I was told I need to improve on my "teamwork" and "collaboration" strategy...


Said I have too much of a "My way or the highway" attitude.


But that's so ridiculous. I mean I'm not that unwilling to compromise.


For instance, I'm perfectly fine with "My way or the Appalachian Trailway."


Your way or the Marginal Way!


Hell yeah, my way or the Mount Washington Auto Roadway.


Your way or the friggin Cog Railway!


See? I'm all about accommodation ovah heah.



Heh. If she was really all about accomodation, it'd be My way, or the Bi way.

Heh. Hey Circle, my way or the hershey highway, either way is a good way

to go.

Bob, You're on fire.

I once said to the wife it was my way or the tri-way but she wouldn't have it. I did it her way. At least at Burger King, you can have it your way. [I know that goes back a few years.]

Remember: The Cog Railway is one helluva steamer.

I am climbing Jacob's Ladder ;D

Cleveland Steamer??

Sure, h.b., but the Cog doesn't hold a candle to the pure power of the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad when it's running out a Cleveland Steamer.

I'm ok with doing it her way. I think she could make me want to do it her way. Wait a minute - did I just say that about a cartoon character ...

And the only way Theo gets an F is if he were to re-sign Beltre for about $96 million over 6 years or so... Or give JD an extension at current rate.

nothing like some good Steamer talk to get the juices flowing for the new year

Nice Googling skills, Kaz. Let's see..."Cleveland plus Steamer..." and Voila! Railfan article.

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