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The forecast calls for snow...

In a move that could very well turn away the remainder of the winter audience, the Soxaholix once again attempt to fuse obscure pop culture with Greek Mythology while barely mentioning the Red Sox …

Anothah wintah day, anothah the Red Sox are so good they could "impose their will on the American League" stories.


Is it just me, or do these stories staht to worry you a bit?


It does seem to that many in the media have had a few sips from the irrational exuberance fountain.


Hey, the irrationality could be a lot worse. I mean have you seen the fashion press lately?


They've pretty much decided that the Brazilian tranny is the most beautiful "woman" in the world.


To me she looks like, er, a tranny.


Look it's like the old saying goes... If she has an Adam's apple like a tranny and large hands like a tranny then she's a tranny.


OK. Olympian beauty contest. Golden Apple iPad at stake.

Lea T. vs Davecat's Sidore.

Who wins?


Question. Is Ditka involved in anyway?


Only tangentially... Agamemnon is Greek for Ditka.


I dunno. With all due respect to Davecat, I've got to go with the human here.


And Lea T's dad is a formah Brazilian football stah.


I demand a recount.



I watched that episode. Davecat refers to his fling with Sidore as a "synthetic relationship," and thinks it will soon be as popular as "organic relationships."

I don't know if anything can be termed a relationship when one of the partners is put on a hook at night.

just tranny being tranny.


you should see Lea T make her patented jump turn throw from the shortstop hole

I think we will all be in strait jackets by the time truck day rolls around.

We sure won't be in straight jackets if we keep talking about trannies.

//Is it just me, or do these stories staht to worry you a bit?//

There was no way the Pats were gonna lose to the Jets, remember? And I NEVER bet on a sure thing at the track. Karma lives and it's name is "Ditka"!

...in a gorilla costume

Your link is to a Bleacher Report column, which hardly qualifies as "the media." More like, some kid who wrote for his junior high newspaper.

True re Bleacher Report except that actually reinforces the point, i.e., the kid working for his junior high school newspaper isn't going to go out on a limb and write something that he/she didn't first sense from the rest of the media.

If you search Google for, say, "Red Sox World Series 2011" you see quite a few of the "pro" guys leading the pack.

Finally, as an aside, didn't we conclude long ago that the bloggers are in most cases every bit as good if not superior to the CHB's and Tomase's of the media? Or did I just imagine that?

in Red SSox news, shitty seats were being sold over the internets all weekend. I receive incessant updates from Luscious relating to good seats still being available for selected Red SSox games. having been cut off from my season tickets by a terrorist last season, I am on my own to get tickets. It worked out pretty well the one time I went last year, as faithful readers of my comments will recall that Ms. lc and I bought facevalue tickets on SStubHub on day of game and ended up sitting within beer flinging distance of the 35 year old "bat boy" that the RSS have. With much time on my hands over the weekend for reasons too gruesome to recount, I took the bait to try to snap up some of the gold that Larry was purveying.

Waiting Room on the Internet? I laugh and guffaw at such things. Got right in. Now I'm giddy. I picked a Sunday game in July against the Orioles (the dictionary definition of "good seats still available", I'm thinking). Right about the time AGon will be hitting his 100th home run over the inviting Green Monstah, not to mention the likelihood that CC Deville and Jacoby Rugburn will both be closing in on 480 steals for the summah (all things are possible in late January).

Silly, stupid fuckedinthehead me.

What sweet seats was I offered ("best available" motherfuckers, I've got cash to burn)?

GS section 36. 4 or them. Wait, what's this little red dot next to the seats? Obstructed view, you say? 55 dollars a pop? Go shit in your hat, Larry.

Then, purely for entertainment purposes, I tried another game. Sweet Standing Room tickets for 20 dollars... about ten more than I use to pay for field boxes 30 years ago. Um, no thanks.

What a bunch of horseshit. Note that for both games, over 5000 tickets are already available on SStubHub, i.e. Larry''s pocketbook.

disgustedly, lc

Just LC being LC.

The only good thing about the concrete shit hole nicely positioned in a gang war zone that is Oakland; seat availability. Didn't even bother to look Saturday am. Will stubhub it day of. But they only come out for two games this year. An Anaheim road trip is necessary this year.

@SS I looked for the House that Al Built for a game in may when I will be out there. I could have bought the equivalent of Dennis Drinkwater's seats for a game against the White Sox for 200. I actually like the Coliseum, mostly because of the fun times I have had there. I think I have told most of the stories before, including the famed $1 beer night.



*** Update, Tues 02/01 ***

Hate to leave you with Davecat, a RealDoll, and a Tranny, but a strip is not happening today.

The forecast remains snow.

I'm on hiatus ;D

I have a feeling I'm in for a snow day at work again tomorrow.

By the way, another foot of snow and I think we're at a full Shaq for the year.

I'm just imagining my office is a ski lodge. My coffee is a hot toddie. And my Real Doll is a snow bunny named Ginger.

So in related news, NESV just splashed large piles of cash around the european soccer world to get rid of one bitchy primadona whose best days are behind him, Torres, and respent the money on very good replacements, all in all making headlines while drastically improving a team that was ailing. So, is Theo the brain child for us? Or is it the common denominator of Henry and Werner?

Anyone see the pix from the unveiling of JD and MR in Tampa?

Don't think Manny knew where he was or why he was there.

*** 02/02 Update ***

Power? No. Web? No. iPhone/iPad? Oh thank the bearded prophet, yes!

The groundhog saw his shadow. And saved himself from a brutal end involving a chainsaw, a bullwhip, and a bottle of absinthe.

The bottle of absinthe was for me, really, not the groundhog.

So was the bullwhip.

Oh, the glorious iPad. Just bought one two weeks ago-best thing I ever bought, cannot more highly recommend.
I am kinda jealous of the snow you guys just got in Boston. We got freezing rain here, which means walking the dog is like some fucked up version of Ice Capades. I'll put on my teal dress and really make a show of it!

Uh, Bob - the furry critter did not see his shadow today.

Whatever the one is that means less winter. Right?

This stupid day confuses me. (Imagine how the groundhog feels.)

in re: snow.

I once had a neighbor who was from another part of the country and he visited his "summer home" only occasionally.

One year he came up in the winter for an unexpected weekend. When I got home from work (shocker, I have a job), there was a phone message saying he had found a dead cat in his shed and wanted to know if it was mine. (It wasn't, but that's not the point of the story). He said he didn't know what to do with the dead, frozen cat, so he buried it "as deep as I could" in the snow.

How brilliant is that? Not very. I think he was a mfyankee fan.

As everyone knows, you throw a dead frozen cat in the woods where something bigger than you will eat it in the Spring.

It's probably worth pointing out, as we enjoy this week's snowpocalypse, that Opening Day in Tejas is less than 2 months away, and more inmportantly, Beckett got a personal trainer over the winter to work on something other than his redass


Correct, Bob. No shadow = less winter. Very scientific stuff.

So if he sees his shadow, it's more winter? Is that how it works? And if he doesn't, it's less winter? So the shadow is the groundhog's symbol of winter? And nothingness is his symbol of spring? What if he sees someone else's shadow, but not his own? Indian summer?

On a slow news day, at least this means red - Farrah Fawcett's red swimsuit is going to the Smithsonian. It will be on display at the Museum of American History downstairs in a small room off to the side of the First Ladies Inaugural gowns exhibit. The swimsuit exhibit room, somewhat like the Hope Diamond exhibit that limits crowds, will only have room for one person in the room at a time and there will be a 3 minute limit. Handi wipes will be available free of charge at the door. No reservations accepted. Viewing is on a first come basis.

Bob, the thinking is that the groundhog is scared back into his hole by his shadow, thus presaging six more weeks of winter (vice four).


Well, at least we haven't had a cyclone. SDU, have you seen any Kansas farmhouses fly past your window?

...put your little hand in mine
There ain't no hill or mountain we can climb, babe
I got you, babe
I got you, babe

Ok, campers, rise and shine! Put on your booties because it's COOOOoooold out there today!

You can stop the Interwebs...but seker-hemat lives forever. Look it up.

I've returned from refugee status and now have power.

Hopefully back to normal routine/strips tomorrow.

BTW when is the Smithsonian going to create a space for "the teal dress"?

//I've returned from refugee status and now have power.//

So now we know where HB lives: in the Midwest between Pittsburg and Des Moines and from Fargo to Dallas.

Or Cairo.


And here I thought Tahrir Square would sorta remind me of Kenmore Square.

I mean there was even a Little Stevie's House of Falafal.

To be fair, I saw the Molotov cocktail fights and immediately thought back to October 2004...

Remember when Pedro got hit by cast stone during the duck boat victory parade?

And let's face it, lil' Nelson's death has always been suspicious...

It was Pedro's retaliation that ultimately caused the shoulder problems.

Pettitte retires tomorrow. Good thing the Yankees picked up Lee.

You lost me at Greek...
beautiful day 67 degrees.

Don't know why but I have to share this with you lot - fuck your subaru, I've a horse outside:


SDU, that's an Amazing Horse you have there.

Give it a lick, it tastes just like raisins...

Kaz, that's WAY too creepy, even for me.


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