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Real Excited

So what we're saying here is:

2011's resplendence is real, is never silent and has no bitch.


Yeah, what we are saying here is 2011 holds more promise than an animatronic RealDoll™.


Well, let's not get carried away now.


True. Still need to play the 2011 season and all.


Well, that and have seen the progress the Japanese are making with robots?


Oooh, my strawberries are tingling.



... and http://www.nytimes.com/2011/01/21/sports/21loserville.html was also nice to wake up to...

Wow, the Japanese really weird (and sometimes skeev) me out...

My company (which I joined as employee 20 7 years ago) was just sold for $100 million. If I didn't have a client meeting at 1pm I'd be Charlie Sheening it up with booze, hookers and blow. Awesome day!!

Congrats, Nat!

Looks like we need a new keyword search:

"Natalie teal smoking rich blow"

BTW gifts and donations of dot.com millionaires are always welcome at Soxaholix World HQ.

Natalie, that's awesome. Now buy me a car.

After seeing that, I think the Girltar needs to be upgraded.

Natalie's buying the beer on the Budweiser Roof Deck next time. Hell, she might be able to buy the Budweiser Roof Deck.


Thanks, all. Nowhere near a millionaire from this, but drinks are absolutely on me next Soxa gathering during baseball season!

Congratulations on your windfall Natalie. We expect our fair share. When might we see the check?

Oh, well done to whoever HAO is. Reminds me of:


"Francona thrilled that he's no longer compared to Donald Pleasance."

"Lucchino molests Collies"

"Wakefield is actually a pretty cool guy, one of the few Red Sox that's it's hard to mock."

Oops, that should read "that it's hard to mock."

Congrats Nat! I went through an IPO back in the day. I'm still working so you can guess how it well it worked out :) But I was a millionaire on paper for a couple of weeks!

Well, it's beer cart time. Or in Natalie's case, Chateau Lafite cart.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to the twilight zone.

Damon and Ramirez are now Rays. Damon $5.25M, Ramirez $2M.

All current scalp itches will now be satisfied.

not satisfied...still scratching

5.25 mill.??? That's a lot of naked chinups ;O

...and it only took Manny how long to run himself out of the National League??



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