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One that will open and shut her eyes

OK now that we've opened all of our Red Sox presents, the full on malaise of January has set in.


Yeah, I'm bored.


I'm the friggin chairman of the bored.


Hey, could be worse – At least we're not being interrupted every couple of minutes by a Pomplamoose Hyundai commercial.


[♪ singing, mockingly]
Up on the housetop, click, click, click.


Yeah, the low-pitched hipstah warbling and so-called "Video Song" thingy were rathah chahming the first 50 times or so, but by Christmas Eve I was having visions of punching the bearded dude in the neck.


[♪ singing]
Punch in the neck, I won't pause,
To overplay a jingle's against natural law.


Love 'em or hate 'em, the cute chick's got one serious mole.


Absolutely. Nataly Dawn's vying with Summer Glau for the title Miss Seborrheic Keratosis.


And it totally turns me on.


Dude, Are you kidding me? That things an outcropping waiting for a lighthouse.


Look when she does that coy look away from the camera move with her eyes, I just wanna nubble up and suck on that thing like it's a 3rd nipple.





Mole Girl and her hipster dude were polite guests compared to that commercial with Vampire Weekend's "Holiday." Good Lord, I used to like that band, too.

Doug,I'm worried about you ;O

oh god, that 2nd to last panel made me throw up in my mouth a little.

I calmly dealt with that ridiculous Hyundai commercial since the day after Thanksgiving...literally, that's when it started. But when I saw it on January 2nd...well nothing really, but I was sick of it.

How 'bout them Bruins, too!!

Love that chick.

You have not heard annoying until you've heard the Go Compare! or Boots commercials this side of the pond. I didn't post a link as I believe that would violate international torture conventions.

Scaramanga sucking fetishes. Apparently my own perversions are not so perverted after all. Not sure if that makes me happy or sad.

"open and shut her eyes"?? Is she turning Japanese? I really think so,think so,think so. Just to be on the safe side I better check with SDU ;O

Oh... and congrats to Bill Buckner

when's the real doll with a mole hitting the marketplace?

HB - thanks for the linking to my lighthouse

This will cure you of any mole-sucking fetishes.

Don't know about the Hyundai commercial, but on the West Coast, we had an annoying "Happy Honda Days" jingle that played at least six times an hour!

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