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Not the dream Bill wanted to have...

Bill (thinking to himself):


Bill (thinking to himself):
Must.Stop.Thinking.About it...


Bill (thinking to himself):


Bill (thinking to himself):
Must.Stop.Thinking.About it...


Bill (thinking to himself):


Bill (thinking to himself):
Must.Stop.Thinking.About it...


Bill (thinking to himself):


Bill (thinking to himself):
I'm on a nonstop ride to Ughchestah and there's no getting off.



I was really really pissed when I realized I was going to be in Amsterdam for this first playoff game, but now, uh, kinda grateful. Sorry to all who watched....

My day yesterday consisted of watching Purdue lose to West Virginia, and watching the Patriots lose, at home, to the mother fucking Jets.

Yesterday sucked.

Over the past few years, there has been an unmistakable theme to the Pats playoffs games. And it's a really shitty theme.

What better time to make a list of people I miss:
Teddy Bruschi
Mike Vrabel
Kevin Faulk!
Rodney Harrison
Randy Moss (dare I say it? Would have been nice to have a deep threat)
And of course, a less pretty Tom Brady

Jets vs Steelers in the "Who the fuck wants to watch THAT?!" Bowl

Real dolls put forth more effort than the Pats did yesterday.

I'm not a fan of the bye week - it kills momentum.

How much you wanna bet BigBri is now a Jets fan?

I am relieved it's over. The talk shows had started to eviscerate my soul. Now I can go on to do it on my own [i.e. eviscerate my soul].


Tis a good day to be a Packers fan...

On another note, 4 weeks to Pitchers and Catchers!

Steelers: Rothlisberger is a rapist.
Jets: Douchebags, all of them.
Bears: Jay Cutler should never win a Super Bowl. Ever.
Packers: There's just something about Aaron Rodgers that bothers me. I don't know what it is, but there it is.

Worst Super Bowl Ever.

I wonder if there has even been another final 4 in football in which all 4 teams lost to the same team during the season, a team not in the final 4.

At least I don't have to bother watching anymore football this year.

Kaz, it's probably the lingering stench from Cal. I've learned to live with it...

Well expressed feelings, HB! This is the price we pay for the beyond amazing joy of those rare times when our teams win it all. Think of the bright side- the pain you feel is just building room inside your heart for an even greater experience.

I attended in person and it sucked much more than on TV ever could. The Jests fans were there in force with tickets being available for only $40 above face value. The team had little energy and what they had was sucked out when Brady threw that pick. WTF was BB thinking he would accomplish by benching WWW for the 1st series. What a douche-bag! Well my Jests fan college buddies have all come out of the woodwork now. It's all but inevitable now a Jests SB victory. Remember that scene from A Bridge to Far? There's nothing to stop them now...

so was anyone else hoping for an NFLPA walkout in the 3rd quarter?

Good point, lobstaman. Didn't think of an NFLPA walkout, but I was tempted to walk out the door myself in the third quarter and down the street into the darkness of total media/radio silence, which is what I'm in this week. Four weeks until truck day? Ugh.

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