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Make a wish

You know I'll give Cromartie this – it's good to see playahs manifest some good old-school animosity.


Yeah, the whole "we athletes are paht of an elite supah species who view the opposing playahs as brothahs and would nevah stoop to the level of proletariat fans" bit can only go so fah.


Absolutely. Give me the old-school animus of a Dick Butkus ovah the new age love fest of, say, Choice/Vick any friggin day.


And it's good for the NFL. I mean just think of how many casual fans are now going to stop everything to watch Jets v Pats?


Not to distract from your virulence fete, but doesn't that make you wondah a little bit if the whole Cromartie thing isn't scripted purely for entertainment and hype generation?


Ah, fuck. You've got a point.


Seriously. If the NFL with the help of Bush can create a weathah machine to send a hurricane to destroy New Orleans only to bring the undahdog Saints the Lombardi a few yeahs latah then anything is possible I suppose.


NFL = Nefarious Falsehod League!


I haven't felt this marketing-raped since that Madonna Pepsi commercial.


Ah, those were the days, huh?


Sigh. I wish John Conner could get the Terminators to give the real Madonna back.



Strike a pose,guys. ;D

I don't know what this has to do with anything (other than it would make a good gift for BigBri), but I have to share:


That is awesome! Definitely BigBri should have one. He can bang on it when he's taking a break from writing his novel about ninjas or something.

My wife and I were staying in a B & B in Ireland - the only guests, a remote location. The owner seemed fairly normal until he started talking about the machine the CIA had in Langley that generated earthquakes in Pakistan. I moved the bureau against the door that night.

I think the iPod toilet paper dispenser is more BigBri's style...

That girl/guitar thing is super creepy. Perfect for that mouth-breathing simeon, bigbri.

Don't monkey around with the simians, Vermonter. They trend to throw their own shit at you if you do. :-)

The money from the Pepsi commercial afforded her the ability to start Maverick Records...and it was all down hill from there in the 90's until her reinvention as an auto-tuned dance pop whore again a decade later.

See, this is what I'm talkin' about. Damn you, Pepsi!

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