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Just sayin'

In a group of Soxaholix, a woman speaks:
I mean think about it...


In a group of Soxaholix, a woman speaks:
We've all seen how the comments are way down...


In a group of Soxaholix, a woman speaks:
I'm sure that, consequently, traffic is way down as well.


In a group of Soxaholix, a woman speaks:
And, let's face it, the only news right now is about the "other" Ted Williams.


In a group of Soxaholix, a woman speaks:
So a 4-day strip cycle shouldn't come as a surprise to any of us.



Don't forget the Super heroes in Seattle ;D

It's the hangover from the Chilean miners I tell you.

That, or winter porn.

Comments maybe down, but some of us are just silently enjoying the strip and the banter of the regulars.

Can't blame ya at all, hb. I do love how meta it is to see the characters talking about the comments; never ceases to make me smile. As does that Ted Williams story. Now, I am getting old so I never want to ask that my life speed up in any fashion... but let's just say, if this winter went by at a clip and spring training arrived in a jiff I would not complain.

I agree with jfm. Some of us may not say much, but we do love the strip and the comments.

Comments? You want comments? I'll give you comments...

Sorry, got a little carried away. We're here, just not much to say. Waiting for a Patriots playoff game, know what I mean?

I see that the other Ted Williams just got another job, doing the voice-overs for Kraft Mac 'n' Cheese commercials.

I know I'll go to hell for saying this, and the whole "other Ted Williams" story is great and all, but I don't want to think of bad teeth, dirty syringes and homeless B.O. when I'm eating my mac 'n' cheese.

I mean, they might as well hire Rex Ryan's wife to do the voice-overs. Mmmm, Kraft Mac 'n' Toe Cheese.

The peach colored dress fits nice. Really nice. How 'bout that comment?

Actually, some time spent recently discovering wimp.com. Check it out, all.

I somehow doubt that less comics will concentrate the comments or views in any way.

@Bob. So true! Also the whole sobbing "mommy" thing didn't play to well with me. I mean who the hell does he think he is, John Boehner?

I think Bob's right. It's the winter porn...

Tara's looking particularly fine this New Years.

BTW didn't mean to cast aspersions re the lack of comments, but it does go hand in hand with a 60% decline in traffic and makes it all the easier to opt for a 4-day.

Go ahead and take the time off. Plenty of engineering houses do the 4-day work week in the summah.

Are the Sox gonna put Jenks on the Biggest Loser or do we get El Guapo Part II this season?

Don't know what it's been like over there but the snow here in December has really made me miss the outside world.

There was also the holiday break in the strip and lack of any real fun things to yak about on the baseball front. I reckon us creeps will start to filter back in slowly but surely. And any real news would probably serve to spike your numbers forthwith.

Lisa probably has someting to say, n'est-ce pas? :)

we're opting for a 4-way? with toe cheese? What?

I fuckin hate January and February. It's cold and dark, shit breaks down, gigs dry up and I always get Seasonal Affective Disorder. I don't ski, tenants are crying poverty, my fingers are splitting the fuck open, and I might get the flu. Now to go along with all this, I feel like a spoiled bitch because I have a good job that I like, decent pay, the best wife, great kids, a nice house, and a 9-inch co...back to reality...

Luckily, to get me through 'til March 1st I have the Bruins, Crown Royal, the aforementioned positives and this creepy site with all you creepy bastards, two of whom I've been lucky enough to meet. And a third who I work with but won't tell me her Soxaholix handle.

So there's my comment for the day.

sorry, actually had to work at work lately (!) and have just been able to come over, laugh, and move on. The mole one skeeved my wife out!

As Vermonter says we have "this creepy site with all you creepy bastards". It's like the bar we have a secret drink at on the way home every day.
Sure we have "aforementioned positives" but we want a place to complain, commiserate.
Funny how the same team can at times be the only good thing you have going and at others be the cathartic whipping boy.

Ted Williams?Mac and cheese? brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "talking head"

Four bases, Ball Four, Four day rotations, Four Days in October, #4 - Lou Clinton, Cleanup hitter bats FOUR, FOUR LOCO, Beer Cart at Four, THE FOUR'S!

It all makes sense. Four strips, ayup.

"People ask me what I do in winter when there's no baseball.
I'll tell you what I do. I stare out the window and wait for spring."
- Rogers Hornsby

Read every day. Just never comment.

BTW Bob, My oldest just moved to Westchester so he can be closer to LMU. He's planning to transfer to your old alma mater.

Comments? We don't need no stinkin' comments!

Garza to the cubs! Garza to the cubs! The AL East gods continue to rain ribs & whiskey down on us.

I am outsourcing my comments to Mumbai.

is that in Vermont too?

Oh, alright H.B. I'm baaaaaack. But only because you begged me. You want comments? BigBri brings you comments.

-Lou Clinton's BEST years were as a Yankee

- SAWX finish 3rd in the AL East this year

- Papelbon sets the all-time blown save record for a single season

- The 2004 and 2007 Roid SAWX are finally exposed...

Happy New Year,

P.S. Sorry you are down on your luck, H.B. You think a groundbreaking blog that uses such cool graphics and won a Webby in 1982 (or whenever the fuck it was) AND discusses the most bush league team in all of sports would be a HUGE success!

That was actually pretty funny.

Now back to polishing my RealDoll that, oddly enough, I named "Webby."

Your own comments don't count H.B...

That's what I keep telling Webby!

Bitch won't shut her doll hole. (And because of this I do love her so.)

Are you kidding?? The Globe's web site has had the same Sox non-story for four days now. You're all we've got until Truck Day!!

BTW according to Google Analytics, all things related to Natalie continue to dominate the keyword traffic referrals.

The keyword search "natalie soxaholix smoking stronger" sent 94 total visits in the past month.

"natalie soxaholix smoking stronger"

I pretty much think we've found our 2011 tagline, don't you?

Add "doll hole" to that, and I'll take a dozen.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

What the hell does Natalie Soxaholix Smoking Stronger mean??? I am completely fascinated and a little freaked out, to tell the truth.

I think it means you are being stalked.


Natalie wins! But what prompted hb to do this research - that is the question.


But Bob romps home - no surprises there.

I click in all the time!!! Are clicks down?

Exactly! What *does* it mean?

It's an enigma wrapped in a mystery.

Other popular search terms the past month:


natalie soxaholix smoking stronger

new england japan

the teal dress

soxaholix natalie cottege

natalie soxaholix love

soxaholix teal dress

my resplendence has no

natalie and the teal dress soxaholix

lisa the temp

Okay, I am officially a little creeped out. That teal dress has taken on a life of its own. Starting to be really thankful that Natalie is not my real name. :)

I read every strip but rarely comment; perfectly content to roam the periphery of this party, beer in hand, quietly chuckling at what you weirdos chat aboot. But it looks like a lot of normally silent readers are waving "hello" H.B.

Up next:Soxaholix-the musical starring Natalie and her Teal dress and a cast of thousands. ;D

So, if were Natalie, and I am not, I would be really a bit freaked by #6. But, Natalie, you reaaly need to be MORE freaked about Lisa the temp. She is not going to play #10 to your smoking Natalie at #2 for long.

frankly, I'm a tad surprised 'Salty' and/or 'thighs' didn't make the cut somewhere

Lisa the Temp is now driving to NY non-stop. She is wearing diapers, carrying pepper spray and other assorted items. She should be considered dangerous and un-stable.

I think she detoured to Tucson :(

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