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Fresh off the waiver

I sure would like to see this Max Ramirez thing work out.




I mean they basically get this guy for free, so if it turns out he is a late bloomah it's all upside.


And if he's a bust? No biggies.


Well, there's that...


But bettah still, if this guy turns into a bonafide stud, we get to invoke the nickname Max-Ram!





Salty good Max-ram? The possibilites are phenomenal!

Max-Ram was Pfizer's laboratory code name for what became Viagra (sildenafil citrate).

Salty Max-Ram is the current code name for the new sodium-increased Viagra for people with low blood pressure.

So i am more excited to see if Tony Pena, Jr has the Max-Ram to put a ball in his loudmouth father's grill while the old bugger coaches the yankee bench. Pena, sr. (say that 3x fast - there's a Pena, Sr. Dugout!, but i digress) used to be ok, but then he went dark side.

Nice one Bob, I spat out my tea and LOL'd.

Husband on the phone today: Who's this Tony Peen-ah guy? Me: You mean Pain-ya? Him: No it says Peen-ah.

*shakes head even though he can't see me*

He'll always be "Webster" to me (sr.that is)

max power, the name that you want to touch...but you mustn't toooooouch!

Simpsons reference for the win g_s! That was actually the first thing that popped into my head too.

Super heroes in Seattle?? Ted Williams hawking Mac and cheese?? Is this some strange alternate universe?

Great nickname: Max Ram. Sooo much better than this one for former sox hurler Ramon Ramirez: Ram Ram. Ugh.

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