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Duck Duck Abuse

OK, let it be said that the Oregon Ducks have the ugliest uniforms in football and for that alone they deserved to lose.


Seriously. Nike can go on all they want about the cutting edginess of Pro Deflex padding and the "Zoom Alpha Talon Cleat" but, you know, you've got fucking feathers on shouldahs.


Hey, now, those aren't just any feathahs but "an intimidating band of duck feathers."


Intimidation — Ur not doin it rite.


And what's with this trend of game-specific uniforms?


Yeah, it's like "I went to a football game and a Lady Gaga concert broke out."


You know, as much as it pains me to say it, this is where the Yankees absolutely kick ass.


There is a Yankees road uni and a Yankees home uni. End of story. Forevah and evah.


No gimmicks. No upsell. No razzle-dazzle. Gray or pinstripes. Like it or go pound sand.


Now if only the Yankees fans had as much style.


Speaking of, I didn't know it was BigBri's day to be let out of his mom's basement for a walk.


Yeah, he's like Old Ironsides, once a year he's taken out for a spin whether he wants it or not.



Great way to start the day,h.b. How 'bout those G-men Bri???

Funny, that's also what BigBri calls his pecker.

No, not "Lady Gaga". "Old Ironsides". Once a year, he takes it out for a spin whether it wants it or not.

Oh,and a shout out to the Horned Frogs ;D

I always liked Detroit's uniforms, too. That scripty D is pure baseball.

The Skanks? Yeah, yeah, classic and all that. But remember, their original uniforms came with a walking stick, a top hat and a monocle. Those were dropped after Babe Ruth was found eating the severed leg of the heiress to the Planter's fortune.

As BigBri's attorney, I must implore you to cease and disist from these slanderous attacks. Bri has never ONCE been out on the street with a set of colored hula hoops.

lol, hb.

The Soxaholix might not like the Ducks' uni's, but the players sure do - they were overwhelming voted the coolest uniforms in college football in a poll of all college FBS players at the start of the season.

Ah, youth. Figures they'd like that.

I'm sure the kids think the classic unis like Auburn's or Penn State's are "dull."


I won't throw stones at the Ducks, since my school's team nickname is an f'ing color (so PC we didn't even want to offend a species of bird), and the band's mascot is tree.

You may not like the uniforms, but I think we can all agree that a power ballad by Sebastian Bach makes up for it.

Who gets credit for shutting down "cheese faht" most recently? I think I might be in there with my "Yankees swept in 6" explanation, which thanks to Bri's moronic retort allowed me to quote a number of other wonderful NY headlines ("set 'em up... mow 'em down!)

PS - Love a crazy risk taking coach, but why after all the craziness did he keep trying to punch it up the middle?

I love the characters comenting on Big Bri like he is a fellow character....heheheh..or is he?

Anyone heard from sdu?? There's some nasty stuff going on in the land down under :(

Thanks Rich; and for the message on facebook. Immediate family well and rested(just back from Japan). My sister in law had to abandon her house in Brisbane and some farmer friends have been isolated (but fine I gather) in a property at a place called Dalby. Otherwise, it sounds hellish out and up there with at least 10 dead and over 100 missing and the worst, on projection, yet to come.



The Sox' uniforms would look better if they actually wore RED SOX instead of red sleeves..

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