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Colder than a witch's nipple ring

Cold enough for ya?


You know what they say, "Builds charactah."


Yeah, well, I'm all for the charactah building, it's my nads retreating and going deep into hiding that I could do without.


Seriously, I stepped outside this morning and it was all Osama bin Gonad.


Not sure about Damon but this is a great move for Manny.


How's that?


In Tampa, he's closah to his grandmothahs... all 3 of 'em.


The livin' one, the dead one, and the othah one?





Damon and Manny=dumb and dumber ;D

So they'll platoon an outfielder who can't throw with one who can't catch? You know, depending on the other team's line-up or something.

This will be fun. Not only do we get to play them 19 times, the whole strip club/serial killer zeitgeist of Tampa will provide endless opportunities for Manny and Damon to explore new and deeper levels of idiocy.

There is a three game series in Tampa - July 15, 16, & 17. The Sox should be clinching the division right about then.

After the Patriots fiasco I'm too cautious about handing out trophys just yet... althought Rex's antics at the end of the game WERE priceless ;D

For whom the Taco Bell tolls:


still scratching my head on the Manny thing. I get the Rays willing to pay $7M for two guys that probably will give them a little extra for a little while, but Manny signed a $2M contract with no extra toppings, no blood red tortillas on a grille in the lockerroom for him, nothing.

Does that mean he really loves the game or has he joined the can't touch this club along with Nic Cage and the Octomom?

Only a short time ago he turned down $20M.

Well, here's to a new round of Manny being... "Hey Guys! Look! There's stingrays in the tank over here! Look! Guys?! Do you think anyone will notice if I take a leak in the tank between pitches?"

Damon's still playing because he wants to get to 3,000 hits. But why is Manny still playing. It's certainly not for the money, it would seem. Perhaps he doesn't realize that his talents have folded faster than a card table in a Tampa hurricane. I heard on NESN last night that he hit only one HR off of a fastball last year.

Does anyone else have a decidedly 'meh' feeling about all of this? It's something that doesn't hold the weight or drama that it might have done three of four years ago.

Is it age? Is it experience? Is it naievete? I dunno, but I'd rather cheer on the guys I KNOW have love for the game regarless the team they play for) and PROVE it again and again rather than a couple of poseurs who claimed the role but never saw fit to put the money where there mouth is. So again, meh.

And Bob, thanks for that, I always had a hankering for a taco with a side of guido.

The Rays may have to fill their seats with Real Dolls this year to give the appearance of drawing fans.

What does it mean that the first thing I thought of when I saw the title to this strip, I thought "Suzyn Waldman?"

*** UPDATE Tues 01/25 ***

Sorry, day job stuff impeding my mojo... No strip today.

...at least you didn't say it was too cold ;D

It's downright balmy today. But we'll need a title update for the rest of the snow storm week.

It's whiter than a witch's landing strip?

Jeez, it's hot enought to boil a monkey's bum down 'ere.



SDU: Kevin Muscat's challenge? I loved it.

And only Dwight Yoakam could cover this great Elvis song properly:


SDU, boiled monkey's bum is a special at O Ya this week.

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