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Cart before the horse

But you've gotta love this take from Pinto on the deal:

"Given his value as rated by FanGraphs, the Yankees are really over-paying here. It almost makes me wonder if this deal is for real."


Let's face it, only the Federal Government gives less of a shit about spending and ROI than the Yankees.


Meanwhile, it's too bad the Yankees don't have any stahting pitching.


Yeah, Soriano/Rivera are "The Bridge *from* Nowhere."


Hey, the first 6 innings are way the frig overrated.


Clap.Clap. ClapClapClap.



//Soriano would have closed anywhere else, but was willing to serve as Rivera’s setup man. The Yankees now hope he’ll serve in that capacity for two years before becoming Rivera’s successor when the legendary 41-year-old closer is expected to retire.//

Okay, see you back here in two years, and we'll see how that worked out. My guess: Soriano's pitching for the Pirates.

Horror and mistake,baby ;D

Bank of America website has been down all morning. Even the mobile backdoor is kaput. I wonder if Assange made good on his promise (early 2011 attack on a major U.S. bank).

"Even the mobile backdoor is kaput."

Same thing happened to Webby, my RealDoll.

I would have thought her mobile backdoor was wedged open permanently.

Webby-wasn't she Darkwing Ducks niece?? j/k h.b.

"Let's face it, only the Federal Government gives less of a shit about spending and ROI than the Yankees."

Cue the Soxaholix Yanks' fans cries of hypocrisy in 5, 4, 3, 2....

"'Even the mobile backdoor is kaput.' Same thing happened to Webby, my RealDoll."

Have you tried copious amounts of tequila, some KY and flowers? :)

And Natalie wonders why she is 90% of keyword searches?

Speaking of poor ROI, if you had $30k-40k to spend on a car (or maybe 2 cars), what would you buy?

A T-pass and season tickets behind the dugout.

Joba who? What?


Hahahahahah. Joba rules.. Joba rules the ttip top of the bung i pinched this morning

Well said, HB. Soriano will be very useful when they're down by 6 in the 8th.

Car advice. Over 30+ years, I have owned five Toyotas, one Honda, and one Volvo. The Volvo was a piece of junk. Buy Japanese, you won't regret it. My knowledge of auto mechanics was acquired on my dad's Fords. 'Nuff said. But aren't you approaching the mini-van years, Kaz? Or is that the next one?

I'm a Volvo guy myself. Best cars I've ever owned by quite a margin though I'm comparing entirely against other European vehicles.

I understand and respect the Japanese thing, but it's just never felt right for me personally.

I loved me my Saabs (damn, I miss driving and owning a car). Reliable, sturdy luxury, would recommend to anyone.

Buy a Honda.

Go Pats!

No brainer. Diesel Jetta. How does 45 mpg sound?

yep - go Japanese. That applies to real dolls too...they're more likely to keep the backdoor option available.

Yeah, that Jetta Diesel almost brought me back to the VW fold but there was a waiting list to get one at the time, so I went with Volvo again.

I only buy cars that begin with the letter V. (Next time I'm getting a Vulva, wicked sweet ride.)

...and speaking of "V"'s-now I'm a Virgo??? wtf??

BTW Long weekend for MLK Day, so nothing fun to yak about until Tuesday.


Can't go wrong with a Toyota truck. Of course parking isn't a problem for me. Drives great, has held up well and when I had a transmission problem after 82K miles they replaced it, gratis. Also drive a Saab 9-3 for work, so I can vouch for what Natalie is saying as well (and to a lesser extent, the tequila and flowers bit too. Just add chocolate and you're in)

How about a Lincoln MKZ Hybrid if for no other reason than Roger Sterling/John Slattery drives one. Isn't that the way it works, Bob? I buy a car because a character from a TV show supposedly drives one.

Honda mini van - great vehicle.

But during the day for work i am in a Dodge 2500 diesel. I look down on all of you. Literally.

Lost virginity in a chevy.

Picked up a wife with a Ford Mustang.

Had a great little Nissan pulsar that could plow through 2' of snow. Awesome car.

Went to first Dead show in a benz. Memories to last a lifetime.

Followed dead across country in a VW thunder bunny.

Toured California in a VW van. Piece of shit. But good times were had nonetheless.

Where the hell am i going with this... Oh yea. They are all way better than feet.

The Yanks had to do something and Soriano makes sense. First car: my dad's used 72 Chevy Impala (8 cylinder, sweet ride); second: used 75 VW bug; third: new Honda Accord; fourth: my wife's Subaru (ugh!); fifth: Volvo 240 wagon; sixth: Toyota 4Runner. Got the Volvo after our daughter was born. She's almost 23 now and in grad school; the car is still rolling at 255K+. When's truck day, again?

The Yankees will be ground into a fine powder.



Don't think about it, just buy it. You're an american; act like an american.

Disclaimrer: please do NOT interpret my last comment as an exhortation to go shoot somebody (or medium sized group of people) with whom you have a political or personal disagreement.

I'm gonna go shoot some beer cans.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday. Oh, Tuesday. Because, you know, EVERYBODY gets MLK Day off.

beer cans good; mammals bad

whatcha got against reptiles, SDU? huh? got some target aimed at all those poor, defenseless reptiles?

Ha! Thanks for all the advice, everyone. I'll try to address a few points. Sorry, I would have done it sooner if not for a 5 hour meeting that has drained away my entire day.

No, I'm not of minivan age. At least I hope the early 30's isn't the minivan stage these days. I've looked at the Volvo C70 actually (a convertible in Boston?? You're damn skippy. I loves me the cold...but I fret the RWD choice on most of them). I haven't ruled it out yet but it pushes above my soft limit of $40k if I load it up new. So, I've been thinking about something like a BMW 1-series...and then throwing $5k on a shit bucket Jeep Wrangler for the winter (and the summer beach/mountain/off-road fun). I don't know yet...I've also liked looking at the Nissan 370Z, Ford Mustang, and a few Audis.

As for VWs, the Golf looked fun and its interior actually rates higher than the BMW 1/3-series. My brother and sister-in-law swear by their pair of TDI Jettas...but I think I want to stay sportier still. The Eos caught my attention for its hardtop roof...but the potential for a maintenance nightmare (and limited trunk) scare me.

Just don't know what I'm going to do still and so far I've not been forced into choosing because of living close to work and having Zipcar and a scooter for all my other needs. But I feel like having a car would give me a bit more freedom overall which would be worth the cost again. Just a matter of time, I guess.

King Midget all the way dudes and dudettes; 317 mpg and you can take it on the elevator at work. Room for one plus a 6-pack and a real doll.

Kaz - I suggest a Nissan Maxima SE. Car has enough (270) horses to move out onto the freeway smartly, handles as well as anything out there under sane driving conditions, and has enough bulk and safety features that when an idiot Mass driver does hit you, you'll likely survive. Mine's at 110K and going strong.

Japanese cars run problem free but their styling is without panache. Volvos can't get out of their own way. Besides they won't sell you one unless you are a blond suburban MILF. VW's have poor reliability records and parts are exorbitant. Diesels'll give you 45 but cost more per gallon. A 40mpg car will cost you $400 annually less than a 30mpg car at $4 per gallon, 12,000 miles. No big deal. Audis are cool but make repairing VW's look cheap. Beemers bite it in snow and make you look like an asshole, even if you aren't one. Cops love to harass Beemer owners too. Buying 2 cars for separate purposes sounds good on paper until you pay tax and insurance on both. Consider the Mazda3. No 'tude, peppy, economical to run and purchase. Road noise is there but it'll keep you off the phone. Whatever you do, don't buy new. You can get a great used car for 15k and that leaves plenty of cake left over for Fenway parking.

I stand buy my Volvos. Never had a bit of trouble.

And I'm not a MILF, though Webby is, of course (and how).

But we rock the fuck out of the HOV lanes together in the 70.

I love how it always comes back to the Real Doll

The most important thing to look for when buying a car: Is there enough room in the trunk for your Real Doll?

Or is it- is there enough room in your Real Doll's trunk to park your car?

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