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Carpe Tzatziki

Look, it's snowing...


It's a veritable eon until pitchahs and catchahs...


The Pats Dynasty didn't last as long as the TV show Dynasty...


I missed out on buying gold low...


Steve Jobs is dying...


So, no, I do not want to attend a learning seminah on "reading body language"...


Absolutely, unequivocally, no...


What's that?


It'll include lunch?


From that Greek place on the cornah...


Well, then, pimp up your PowahPoint and sign me the frig up.


Cuz all of a suddens I got a hankerin to reads me some bodies.



...in braille. ;D

I ate the fuck out of a gyro last night and I didn't have to sit through a PowahPoint slideshow.

Gyra would be a good name for a RealDoll.

A question from Marcus Aurelius:
"Of human life the time is a point, and the substance is in a flux, and the perception dull, and the composition of the whole body subject to putrefaction, and the soul a whirl, and fortune hard to divine, and fame a thing devoid of judgment. And, to say all in a word, everything which belongs to the body is a stream, and what belongs to the soul is a dream and vapour, and life is a warfare and a stranger's sojourn, and after-fame is oblivion. What then is that which is able to conduct a man?

A: Re: Every conscious decision that you make ask yourself 5 things: Is it wise? Is it moral? Is it courageous? Is it temperate? Can I get lunch from the Greek place?"

I don't know, Harwich Rich.

All I keep getting is the letter "C".

Well played Sir,well played ;)

Missed out on buying gold low?

I missed out on starting up a no value added money raking in training firm that douchebag corporate managers hire for assloads of money to satisfy some departmental action plan that was developed at the last off site pow wow partnering motivational self empowering leave your tie at home gyro eating day camp. A self perpetuating mint. And i was busy trying to get seconds at the danish buffet instead of planning for my future. Damn.

What an appropriate strip. I just sat through 9.5 hours of PowerPoint.

Now Im going home to relax and drive chopsticks into my eardrums.

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