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And it would be OK on any other day

Your omniscient author in absentia:
It seems I'm having one of those days.*

*[Insomnia followed by finally getting to sleep only to oversleep; late start to workout then got all the way to gym locker only to realize I left my work clothes in car; craptastic treadmill workout; unrhythmic swim breath/stroke resulting in gulping pool water; traffic; no Red Sox news...]



Sounds like you need a Berocca, H.B.

It could be worse.

You could have gone to pay your credit card bill last night only to notice that it's about $200 heavier than you last saw it a week ago. When you look at the statement, it appears that the rental car you rented from Budget for $245/1-week just had a $250 "T&E" charge placed on your card on top of the rental cost. This is a charge that nobody called you about, nobody e-mailed you, sent you a letter about, or complained about when you returned the car...it just magically appeared on your credit card without warning. When you look up "T&E" online, it most likely means "Theft & Embezzlement"...so you call the national Customer Service and they tell you it's a cleaning charge and that you'll have to take it up with local management as they're the only ones who can remove the charge. You look online to find that a year ago, Budget said they'd use "advanced techniques" to determine if anyone violates the No Smoking rule and hit those people with a $250 charge for cleaning. Funny thing is, you don't smoke and you were the only person who was ever in the rental car. The only dirt in the car was road salt on a rubber floormat from the day after the Christmas weekend blizzard...nothing that a $10 car wash and a sponge couldn't clean up. So, screw the Budget Rent A Car in Allston. Their Yelp is full of these kinds of crooked post-rental fees.

Not that I'm speaking from experience or anything...

Sounds like you need a Berocca, Kaz.


I had a horrible time with the Budget at Logan as well. Never ever will use them again.

I try to avoid Logan rentals when I can. Avis in Harvard Square has been okay by me. I dinged one of their cars one time though, so I try not to go back there in case they remember me. The Thrifty rental next door in Harvard Square isn't bad either, but it just feels shady to rent from them for some reason. The Budget in Allston is where I've now lost my Utopias (my fault, but they weren't all that helpful in trying to recover it) AND this absurd $250 cleaning fee that I'm waiting on a call from their CS rep to deal with...so [wipes hands] I think I'm done with Budget at this point.

My best experience ever was with a Hertz in Allston about 7 years ago that no longer exists. They gave me a free upgrade from economy to a Mustang for no reason and the people working there were both friendly and chill. It's a shame the gas station they were a part of died.

I thought you were a Zip Car guy, Kaz...

I am in the city, Rob. But ZipCar doesn't let you go more than 180 miles or more than 4 days consecutively. It's also pretty expensive if you use it for more than a day compared to any other rental car situation.

I needed it for a week to drive home and back to Maryland for Christmas.

well, there's some Red Sox news...

Wonder boy avoids arbitration again, signs Paps and Ells. Guess that doesn't get the blood heated like shitty service from a large corporation. So true.

Speaking of baseball, I read yesterday that Cashman told Pettitte not to "Brett Favre" the Yankees. How insulting, funny, and schadenfreude all at once. Besides, what was Pettitte doing? Sending pics of his penis to Suzy Waldman?

This is what I listen to when I need a boost. http://getthecurse.free.fr/playlist/lelo/07/01%20-%20NWA%20-%20Straight%20Outta%20Compton.mp3

Also, the Enterprise at the parking garage that ate Government Center has always been awesome to me. Gave me a free upgrade for my wedding, and generally nice at all other times.

As for the $15 mil we just spent on Ellsbury and bourbon boy...meh. When did we get so jaded about $15 million on players that we only felt ok about?

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