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A case of the vagues

You know there's something to be said for this fallow period...


Gives you a chance to kick back and decluttah the brain a bit.


Yeah, well, I think I may have gone ovahboard with the decluttah.


Eithah that or I'm just entering a "vague" phase of my life.


How's that.


I dunno. I just have a vague idea of things. A vague sense of what is happening in the world. A vague sense of having met someone before...


It's like vaguely being drunk all the time.


Maybe it'd help to focus on something definitive, you know like the 2004 World Series run.


Hell, even that has a vague veneer.


C'mon, guy. Seriously?


Yeah, you know, a bloody sock, a homerun, a steal, a midget, a lunah eclipse, maybe...


What about 2007?





chb must feel the same way, now just making stuff up... http://www.boston.com/sports/football/patriots/articles/2011/01/10/air_brush_between_belichick_ryan_would_not_be_pretty_picture/

It's called age, h.b. Welcome...

Hopefully we'll have something vague to yak about today. :)

That was Madonna's downfall, Harwich Rich. Up until then, her albums consistently hit #1 in the US and under Sire Records, she did her best work. The "soundtrack album" for Dick Tracy was her last Sire record before forming her own label (also under WB) called Maverick. I think the lack of someone above her within the company led her to do what she wanted...but at the detriment of her music. Who knows though...it was the beginning of the 90's and grunge was starting to take over the charts...so maybe it was just a shifting of the pop trend away from her. Something she wouldn't quite regain again until later with Ray of Light and Music when light electronic/pop started to resurge and she was able to auto-tune her way back into mega-stardom again.

OH...wait...you said vague...my bad.

I'm vaguely interested in work today. Oh shite. 11:00 meeting. Which I'm not even vaguely interested in.

You don't remember 2007? Oh, come ON. I remember it like it was yester... like it was last... like it was more than three years ago.

Hey, at least 2011 will be memorable (unless injuries rear their ugly head again). Plus we shoiuld have a Pats championship to remember in about a month.

and P.S. I didn't get the CHB article at all today. I mean I realize it was made up, but isn't it supposed to be funny when you're TRYING to be funny. I didn't think it was funny at all. I started nodding off in the middle of it.

Guy has been introduced to the fine art of wake & bake. And bake. And bake. And... Decluttering and vagueness? Sounds like achieving the goal.

@Kaz - I try not to judge others' comments before I read the whole thing, but I'm reading, wondering where the hell you're going with this madonna diatribe, then ZING! You had me hook, line and f-ing sinker! nice

and just remember, 2004 + 2007 = 2011. Sorta

So who is the bigger ass, Rex Ryan or the CHB?

Answer. It's a tie.

Disgraced Speaker of the House Tom "The Hammer" just got sentenced to federal prison...but he's not going to spend a day there.

The judge told the prison transport to get going without delay.

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