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You betcha

I wish the Yankees and Jetah would just get it ovah with and agree on terms, because this Jetah and the Red Sox talk scary stuff. I mean some things are just not meant to happen.


It would fuck up the entire universe.


Seriously. Jetah goes to the Red Sox and the next thing you know you wake up and find out Barack Obama and Sarah Palin have been secretly doing the nasty.



"Who's your Daddy Grizzly?"



Yeah, it's like, Craw-dude, you're an outfieldah fercrissakes not a Supreme Court Justice.



Jeez, I think Franco was in power in Spain for less than eight years.

BTW, I think we should all chip in and buy this:


Then we could put all the Jeter talk inside and bury it for good.

Hard to understand why Jeter is risking serious damage to his HOF image by asking for such rediculour sums of money and years, but he has little leverage. Eventually, it seems he's gonna need to settle for the 3 years and $45 mil.

Eight years for Crawford or ANYONE is too much but it would be nice to get him.

"Settling" for 45 mil for 3 years of work? "Settling"? Really?

"There's more than one way to get into the white house" - Sarah "Lewinsky" Palin.

And she also gets to perform on Dancing With The Pole Stars.

and she can see the North Pole from her back door

Bwf, you are the winner.

Qatar wins the 2022 World Cup? Holy Jebuzz, I'd hate to be a player in one of those matches running around in 120 heat.

I suppose it might be better than playing in Siberia 4 years earlier, but wow, what were these idjits thinking? FIFA seems as bad as the IOC.

2022. I wonder if Jete's will have retired by then...

For Jeter, its all about the mystique and aura, if he gets more than 3 years from the MFY, it'll be mistake and error. GET IT DONE CASH!

Well with Qatar given the World Cup at least a billion people will now know how to pronounce the name of the country.

Having no "u" after a Q is about as silly as having a sport where you're not allowed to use your hands.

A bit late the strip today, but hb, that is strong work for a Thursday. Made my afternoon. And bwf, you sir get the proverbial yellow shirt of the posters today

The Red Sox have signed catcher Jason Varitek to a one-year deal worth $2 million. The deal is expected to include $300,000 in incentives.

More thighs for me! Nom nom nom. Although I hope this is more for his clubhouse/coaching skills than his on the field ones. I want my Salty (yum)!

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