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"Our opportunities to do good are our talents."

Wait, wait, wait... hold up.


Carl Demonte Crawford is not just literate, oh, no, dude is such a bibliophile that he plans to open his own bookstore?


But wait, there's more, he doesn't just want to open any old book store but an antiquarian bookstore??


But not just any old run of the fucking mill antiquairian bookstore but one specializing in the works of the Puritans???


Am I dreaming?


Seriously, dude, when I first saw that in my Google Red Sox alert I just assumed it was an Onion story.


WTF. There's "truth is strangah than fiction" and then there's this.


I mean C-Craw is so into the whole Puritan thing that he taped a passage from the first page of Plymouth Plantation inside his high school football helmet?


And he can still quote it today!


My nipples are hahd.


Yeah, it's all tungsten tips ovah heah.



Realizing that the search for a nickname for Crawford is still a work in progress - how about 'Curator Carl' or 'Carl the Curator'.

This is going to make the oddest sign ever seen in a ballpark:


Oh, come on. That MUST be a joke.

"The Scarlet C", maybe?

I'm still, going for Crawdaddy.


You could cut glass with my nipples right now.

So the new club du jour is going to be the puritans? that's just f'ing great. becuase there isnt enough religious zealotry these days.

I would be way more impressed if I found out he worked this bullshit up with his buddies over a spliff as they giggled about what he could say to New England media that would be geographical and topical and that would be eaten up like so much chowdah.


Last book you've read?: "Haven't read a book in forever" !!!!

A tip of the cap to Royals Review. Nicely done.

I've been duped!

I feel like a Swedish chick after getting pumped and dumped by the Wikileaks dude.

I don't care if it is a parody; that shit made me hahd 'cause I'm into book-learnin'.

"Plymouth Rock didn't land on me, I landed on Plymouth Rock!!"

--Carl X

I think he was smokin' a Plymouth rock ;D- just kidding C-Craw

Speaking of outfielders...JD Drew was the only good Free Agent signing of 2006?


love it how JDD "earned" his $14 million. Going to show that to my boss, see if I can get a raise. Hell, I've earned it.

Fuckin' A, that is hilarious. I don't know what's funnier, the actual Royals Review column or our usually intrepid hb being duped. How many days til truck day, people? I need to start the countdown early this year...


Cliff Lee to the Phils for a reported $100 million. Cashman and Girardi must be going out of their minds.

This is all just too good for words. And Holy F-! Lee, Halladay, Oswalt and Hamels on the same roster. Guess we know who we'll be playing in the series next year...

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