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On the first day of Christmas, Theo gave to me...

Ah, be careful around the stove because it's hot!


Nothing like an early December pressah to announce a blockbustah aquisition to get one mentally adding up time 'til Truck Day.


Happy are we?


Are you kidding me? I'm happiah than Julian Assange with a tube of lube and a doomsday document.


This is the biggest thing since signing Manny.


"Who gives Red Sox certainty at virtually every position on the diamond for at least the next five years."


Now let's go get a middle-relievah and really turn up the heat.



Anything fun to yak about today??

Holy shit. I read about the Red Sox yesterday and was actually excited to do so.

After a day of ups and downs, we're up for good. This definitely IS the biggest thing since signing Manny. I think Gonzales is actually going to improve his numbers here with who's hitting in front and behind him and his inside-out stroke.

Go Red Sox !!!

So this AGone guy, he is supposed to be good?

Any reports on A-Gon's crazy-factor? Is he one of those silent types who just does his job (i.e. a Theo guy), or does he have a crazy streak that'll give us posting material for years to come?

I think the team needs a little of that. Not a beat-the-travelling-secretary amount, but a little.

I think A-Gon's somewhere between JD Drew and Kevin Millar. Does that help :-)

Middle reliever?! Fuck that, let's get Upton and really turn up the heat! (Um, and then get a reliever cuz we kind of need one.)

I read one of the panels first to say that AG was Theo's CHIMPANZEE. Foreshadowing?



I say we give Timmy Thomas a tryout at SS. Dude can flash some leather

gotta a pretty good swing, too- ask the pipes in Toronto

Dandy Don is Dead.

So is Crawford gonna want 8-years now?!

Sure. 8 years is the new black. Werth settled for a dark gray at 7 yrs - Werth for cryinoutloud, not bad, but 7 yrs?

In other news, Beltre appears to be out of a job in two towns now s Oakland just quit him too.

Steinbrenner received less than 8 of the 13 votes needed to get to the HOF. Its not just sox fans who dont seem to care for him.

I am trusting that Theo actually does have a deal with Gonzales, but is holding it silent until after the luxury tax deadline for 2011 is past. Makes me feel better to think we gave up 4 for more than a one yr guy.

And while we are spending some Liverpool momey, lets get Crawford, pay Drew to go to pasture, and drive up the cost of Lee. That would make for a nuclear hot stove.

Beltre can probably play left field as well as Manny did - bring him and his bat back.

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Steve, that was funny!

... and did Theo visit with AGon over Thanksgiving dinner?


h.b. -

I'd LOVE to hear the exchange between Bill and Mahty over Steinbrenner being denied the HOF. It would warm my cockles to see Mahts fall down in a conniptive tremor (the prick...) Freudenschade, anyone?

But what the hell is holding up Marvin Miller's election? He quite possibly did more to change the game than any other non-player in the history of the game.

I suspect some of those voting don't consider the changes initiated by Miller to be good things. Sportswriters in particular may have liked it better when ballplayers were just working stiffs like themselves. Prior to free agency, many of your non-star players would have needed off-season jobs to pay the bills.

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