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Gasp. This strip didn't mention Varitek. (I'm lazy. It's cold.)

Wait a second, the Sox not only when after Rivera but offered him more money and years than the MFYs?


With this on top of the Jetah talk, we are definitely veering toward Bearded Spock territory.


But not quite. Yanks still get Mariano, we still get Paps.


In the bearded, alternative, opposite universe does Papelbon's IQ actually break 100?


Absolutely not. I mean we're talking sci-fi rules not fantasy. There has to be some grounding in science in reality.



why do I feel that Harcourt Fenton Mudd is running the team, and we're being fed the player equivalent of gelatin capsule placebos?

oops, my post didn't mention Varitek, either

or did it?

In Mirror Universe Alpha 7295, Paps is a TSA agent famous for his "thorough-but-gentle" pat downs.

And in the absence of any other competing offers, the Yankee$ upped their offer to Jeter from $45 mil over 3 years to $16-$18 mil a year over 3 or 4 years.

A stange universe indeed.

Buckner, that was hilarious.

Goodbye Ron Santo.

It's understandable that the Red Sox would offer Rivera a deal...in general teams should always look for upgrades, particularly at closer.

Something tells me that your team is about to swoop on Cliff Lee: That something is that NESV paid about 400m for a Liverpool franchise that's valued at 800m, i.e., possibly the easiest 400m ever made in the history of distressed investing.

The Rivera deal did not work because Theo forgot to trade a minor leaguer for a spare ion storm which EVERYONE knows is required to catalize the bearded spock universe transfer. And also, the yankees have a stash of green chicks they use to seal the deal when needed.

Well, I'm off to the company holiday party (Christmas party for me). Mamma Maria's once again. Excellent food and close by, so I'm not complaining.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

Isn't this about the time some small mind calls a meeting at your place Bob?

I'd laugh if it didn't just happen, yazbread.

Explaining Jeter's Gold Glove.
This is great.

and you were worried

I hope this is the start of big moves, not the end.

Sports Illustrated is reporting that the deal is off (because the Sox and AG couldn't agree to a long term deal).

Bob, at this point I hope this is the end of the big boner moves. Apparently AG wants an 8yr deal and wont back down. How do two parties go this far in the deal without talking about the rather large and ominous elephant sitting in the middle of the conference room table?

i think Beltre just got a little more expensive.

According to the Herald:

//The on-again, off-again deal for Adrian Gonzalez appears to be on again. The Red Sox have agreed to a trade for Gonzalez, the slugging first baseman. The window to negotiate a contract extension expired at 2 p.m. today, so the deal would have to be made without any guarantee that the Sox will be able to re-sign Gonzalez beyond 2011.//

at least we have something to yak about now...put another log on the stove

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