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By the numbers

Obama getting cussed at by his own pahty! The Royals attacked in Britain!! The Hoff canceled!!!


I'm so friggin lucky I can ignore all this awfulness in the world and instead bask in the warm glow the Red Sox spending spree.


I continue to have morning, mid-morning, mid-afternoon, evening, prime time, and night time wood ovah the possibilities inherent in the lineup.


I mean talk about your vision of dancing sugah plum fairies.


Speaking of the fae people, did you see that Ellsbury is still hurt.


Dude, that's low even for you. Give the guy a break.


Besides, it's Decembah. Let's see how Ells is doing come Mahch.


I can't wait for Mahch.


Are you friggin kidding me?
'04 + '07 = '11.



Even though it's so cold I feel like Snow Miser, the events of the past week make me feel like Heat Miser in my heart.

Oh. Wait. That's an infarction.

4 + 7 = 11. Talk about being written in the stars. I'll wager even money that Notradamus foretold the signing of Crawford.

Happy birthday, sdu.

I want to get you Russell Mahtin for a present.



Oh yeah, happy birthday, sdu. Without that wig, you don't look a day over 30.

"Charles, 62, kept his calm, gently pushing his 63-year-old wife toward the floor."

"Charles got her on the floor and put his hands on her"

"Charles was still waving and giving the thumb's up."

Primetime wood, indeed.

'04 + '07 = '11
That's some badass numerology.

Did you see Crawford's workout video on the ESPN interwebs? Intense! I really like to see ballplayers with good offseason work ethics (see Pedroia, D., and Youkilis, K.).

And what are we going to call him? Can't call him CC, because we don't want him to be confused with a fat, slobbering New Yorker. How about C2? Or CarCraw. CaCra. Or Choo Choo. Or Crawdad. How about Crawfiddle? Maybe just Cahl Crawfahd will do...

Here's the nickname (and a politically incorrect laugh):


"It's all very well spending all that money on a shortstop or whatever, but we haven't had a decent left-back for 12 years." - Liverpool fan.

Fucking awesome. Just how i was feeling about 7 days ago in reverse. I love dedicated fans. HOWEVER, Liverpool is only working on 20 some years since a title i think. They have a little ways to go yet before they get to be first in line for the mucho doneros.

It's been quite a week
With Gonzalez and Crawford
Now what do we do?

As for myself, I'll be doing beer cart.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

3 years from now you will run Crawford out of town. Just like Clemens. Just like Boggs.Just like Pedro. Just like No-MAH. Just like Manny. You booed Ted Williams. You booed Jim Rice. You are the world's worst fans...

Haiku for BigBri:

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
Loss Loss Loss Win Win Win Win
Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

Have you noticed that the Sox always dominate during the first 20 years of the century?

Crawford overpaid? Perhaps. In 7 years a 20 million annual salary won't seem quite as outlandish as it does today. What will a player of that caliber cost in 2017?

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