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And now we wait...

OK, now that the Yankees have signed Russell Mahtin, can we officially call the hot stove season closed and move on to the execrable, plodding, watching icicles melt wait for Truck Day?


Absolutely. I was nevah especially enthused by Mahtin anyway.


Lingahring fears about his hip.


No, I really think it was his name. I mean "Russell Mahtin" just doesn't have ballplayah ring to it.


Seriously. Russell Mahtin sounds more like that guy at the car dealahship they send you to for the upsell.


Heh. I can just see the trip to the mound:

"OK, this guy can't hit anything inside... And, today only, I've got a deal on rustproofing that only a fool would pass up. If I could just get your initials right here..."


And I can't wait to hear Yankees fans try this one out:

"We didn't get Crawford. We didn't get Lee. But Russell Fucking Mahtin is in the House! Mystique and Aura, Bitches!"



It is nice for a change to see the yankees playing the role of the pigeons fighting over my pizza crust while my belly is full of hot cheese and pepperoni.

A questionable catcher, an old shortstop, and a few whatevers here and there. Dinner is a little sparse tonight my yankee loving children.

The Yankees signed Mark Prior to a minor league deal. Pigeons everywhere rejoice.

Headline in the upper right-hand corner of that ESPN link:

//The need to fill Yankee Stadium will compel Bombers to do something.//

Feature headline:

//Yanks to sign Russell Martin.//

I can see the Skank fans lining up at the ticket office from here.

You can't put Polyglycoat [R. Martin] on on your Corolla and turn it into a Bentley.

RS=Bentley, showroom fresh


the spin down here is incredible - oh, we didn't want Lee anyway, he's overrated, we didn't offer that much . . . heh. hysterical.

The trolls are strangely quiet ;D

Walking the dog the other morning wearing my Soxaholix-donated Sox hat, ran into a fellow dog-owning fan in his... while the dogs sniffed each other in wagging circles, we proceeded to have the giddest conversation, like two ditzy teenage girls, high pitched voices, every sentence ending up like a question: "so, we got carl crawford and a-gon? this season is going to be amazing? i cannot wait for march?" It was awesome. I hate wishing away months of my life, but, uh, if it hurried to April, I'd be cool with that.

I hate to be a paddy and piss on this parade of joy, but is anyone else concerned about our relief squad? Feeling that we'll need a 6 run lead in every game...which of course is possible now.

The day has come: A bunch of Boston Red Sox fans are talking shit because their team made a big trade and spent more money that the Yankees in December. This after years (decades) of crying like 2nd grade girls about the Yankees and their payroll.

Yes, you talked trash after 2004 and 2007 but I (and you) know that you still deceived yourselves in your heart of hearts...you were holding on to that collective self-sustaining myth that was the Red Sox from 1918 to 2004: But you've finally, fully joined the club.

Not unlike a proud parent, I'm filled with joy for all of you...babies are all growns up now.


Of course the NESN ads about GRIT, FIERY PASSION and DETERMINATION OF THE NATION will roll out in April, but that's to be expected...

For me, it was worth Cliff Lee going to Philly for this moment. I feel like a parent at college graduation. (wipes away tear)

"For me, it was worth Cliff Lee going to Philly for this moment."

Remember who you're talking to. We've been on the wrong side of these deals, so we know when you're deceiving yourself.

The Lee thing hurts like hell.

Merry Cliffmass.

Not directed at you,J.O.-You're part of this motley crew too ;)

That's hurtful, hb. I love you guys, I love this site and:



We love you too Jason O.

Ghost Rider 2 ??? Ben Affleck-we have a Daredevil sequel for you ;O

Mystique?? AURA???


Well-played, Kaz!

Maybe Theo should spring for some rust-proofing for Tek's ancient arm. I think Russel Mahtin could hook him up...

Bottom line - while Yankees are running the bases on Tek, SAWX fans will be crying in their beer.

What, did Hankie spring for a fleet of Larks?

when j-o goes marching in
when j-o goes marching in


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