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And in our world of plenty we can spread a smile of joy

This wintah just gets bettah and bettah...


Two huge free agent signings.

Two Presidents.

To Philly goes Cliff Lee.


Cliff Lee spurned the Yanks,
Cliff Lee spurned the Yanks,
Hi-ho, the derry-o
Cliff Lee spurned the Yanks.


$30 fucking million left on the table. Beautiful.


Note to Yankees fans: Perhaps next time you should think twice before spitting on a dude's wife?


The beer cup tips
The remains of Yank fan angst
Look! There goes Cliff Lee.





Hol-ee Shee-it.

Not even in the AL? I may go run down the street naked and drunk after reading this news.

I wonder if this is the day Frost foresaw when he wrote of, "...easy wind and downy flake"?

Merry Christmas to the soon-to-be 4th place Yanks.

They hawked their loogies
High arching trails of spittle
Landing in Philly.

(The way I say it, "trails" is one syllable.)

I would love to hear Mahty try and justify this one.
At least the Yanks can now go after Carl Pavano

I think David Cone still has something left in that arm.


The Yanks' rotation
crushed by our awesome line-up
(We need a bullpen)

Big Bri, oh Big Bri, where are you today? Is this thing on?

I am in fucking bliss this winter. Can it be March now, please?

The Skanks were going to store Cliff Lee's clubhouse stuff in this. Guess they don't need it anymore.


And somewhere in the corner of a dark basement, BigBri b'awwwwwws himself to sleep. I lament him not staying with Texas since I actually like the Rangers, but hey NY gets the big middle finger. All is well so far.

Now for something completely different: perhaps the oddest sports story of the year:


So, sure you can say "you can't buy dignity for $30M" and stuff about Lee turning down the Yankees (what about the Rangers bid?)...

But what I find odd is that the Phillies traded him away for prospects to "restock their farm system". The guys they got from Seattle were fairly high risk prospects that haven't panned out yet. Then, when he hits free agency, he ignores $30M to re-sign with the Phillies? That's not odd to anyone? ...like a wink and a handshake up front let him know he'd have a place back in Philly later, but hopefully the team would be even healthier for it...AND the Phillies wouldn't have to compete with the other teams for his affection?

Sure, it makes a better Jack Ryan novel than it does the truth...I just wonder if there are collusion rules for this kind of thing between players and teams.

PS - We've got Blanton. We've had worse.

PPS - Or we don't. It depends on whether you read the 9:01 news or the 9:05 news.

Kaz - I doubt there's something so sinister involved. To me it's odd that he would want to re-sign with a team that saw fit to trade him after a stellar WS performance, rather than go after another championship with him.
One thing's for sure, he must have really not wanted to play in New York.
I don't think the Yanks are in bad shape by any means, but getting Pettite back would help. And for sure the Red Sox have done what they need to do - they're looking like a serious threat again.

Kaz - I'll only buy into your theory if Lee is pitching off a grassy knoll in 2011.

A spoonful of sugar and a dollop of schadenfreude in the coffee this morning. Very tasty indeed. I feel goos knowing the redsox only need to see Lee in teh occasional interleague and at the end of a very succesful playoff run.

Good times. Good times.

Well i am not so happy i feel goos over this, but good. Yes, good would be the right word.

But that's just it, Mahty. It is odd that he'd go back so readily and at such a financial cost after getting tossed out for 2 or 3 bums who aren't even in the top 10 Phillies Prospects right now.

"Hey, we're gonna trade you away for chump change to Seattle of all places. See ya!"

"Heh, so, we heard what the Yankees want to give you. Wanna come back here for $30M less?"

Who does that without some sorta agreement up front?

Yeah, I hear you. It's strange.

Lee is a type A free agent, so the Rangers get the Phils first round pick and their second round pick is devalued because of the additonal sandwich round pick the Rangers get. Since this year is supposed to be such a good draft, that seems a high price to pay for such chicanery .

I think it's strange until you remember that a lot of pitchers have a strong preference for the National League. They get to bat (what fun!) and pitch to pitchers. What's more, he'll have better stats and fewer stressful games in Philly than in the AL East. In the generally weaker NL, the Phillies have a good shot at going to multiple World Series, something even the Yankees have had a hard time doing in the crowded AL.

Obviously, he didn't love Texas the way he loved Philly, and I wouldn't be surprised if his wife said "New York or me, hubby."

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