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10 at heart

Tom Brady doesn't hook up with fugs. And Tom Brady doesn't lose to the Jets.


Attention, school is now in session and headmastah Bill Bellichick is..., er, headmastahring.


Now that was what you call an old-fashioned ass whooping.


Yeah, aftah a molestation like that, this morning some the Jets must be feeling dirty. (Sanchez?)


You know, as much as I love baseball, there is nothing quite like the anticipation and then delivery of a Monday Night gridiron thrashing.


That's just it. As the guy on that Bill James panel said*, "Football is event programming," while baseball is something else altogethah, something daily, eternal...


And you can't really compare one to othah, apples to oranges, kumquats to durians.


And the truest statement of all?

"Baseball is absolutely nevah bettah in any era than it is when you are 10 years old. And when you are 10, baseball is perfect."


Which explains why we love it so much. We are each of us still 10-year olds at heart.


Seriously. Heard any good faht jokes lately?


No, but there's this...

Tom Brady, Mahk Sanchez, and a donkey walk into a bah...

*[Hat tip to Dave Pinto for the link – h.b.]



A very wise man once told me that the definition of surprise is a fart with a lump in in.

In IT.

Beautiful, Bob. That got the day going with the right amount of humor and truthiness.

and mocha frappachino all over my keyboard...

I forget how the rest of that joke goes, but in the end Tom Brady takes off his mask to reveal that he's really Ditka and Sanchez takes off his mask to reveal that he's really Brett Favre looking for Ines Sainz.

That's when they turn to the donkey to see what he reveals. And he reveals that his name is Obama...and when he takes his mask off, he reveals he's really an ELEPHANT!

Steve, if you reaaly want to go head and destroy the keyboard with spewed drink, spend some time reading on farts on urban dictionary. My wife and brother think its childish. What do they know? I am still 10 and they think they have moved on to about 14. So they are in between farts and queefs. A really boring time in life.

shrinkage? SHRINKAGE?? There's no shrinkage in baseball!

dirty (Sanchez) - Heh.

After last night's brilliant performance, that loss to Cleveland really has me steaming...


That's some inappropriate shit, Rob. I'm trying to eat my Hot Lunch and I have to read scat jokes?

MVP of the league and he gets to home and dutch oven Gisele. What more could a man want?

Thanks Jeff!

Crop dusting! Hah!

I have to disagree completely regarding baseball being best when you are 10. That was the strike year for me...

Conversely, I need to give a shout-out to HB for the 10-years old observation. I turned 10 in March of 1967, went to an April Red Sox game with my cub scout troup on Bat Day (remember when they actually had those free give-aways) and got a Carl Yastrzemski bat. I was hooked big time (and since I was a left-handed batter, Yaz became my idol).

I followed the Red Sox maniacally that year, completely immersing myself in listening to or watching every game and plunging into every book about the history of baseball. Needless to say, my timing was great. In some ways, it didn't matter that the Sox lost three games to Bob Gibson. They won the pennant in the mosty dramatic fashion. I wonder how I would feel now about the Red Sox if 1967 has been just another typical early-60s year. To this day, I can still remember the typical daily batting order they had.

Great bit of nostalgia Larry. Love that you can still remember the batting order.

Not that you or anybody askeed me to indulge myself (but I will anyway), the most common line-up was:

Mike Andrews (2B)
Joe Foy (3B)
Carl Yastrzemski (LF)
Tony Conigliaro (RF)
George Scott (1B)
Rico Petrocelli (SS)
Reggie Smith (CF)
Russ Gibson (C)

Conigliaro was of course until he went down in August after getting beaned.

Notice the potent 3-4 combination. Not unlike Gonzo and Youkilis, eh?

Hot Lunch, da kine? Really?


That was a new one on me, dude. A case where what is known cannot now be unknown.

screw you both, Rob and kine. I, of course, had to go consult the UD for the definition. All I can say is- wow. That's a whole nother line of thinking than I would ever remotely contemplate. Guess I gotta get out more.....


Hey, don't blame me, Buckner. As my post said, that was all new to me, too. Had to turn to UD to acquaint myself with the concept. Regretting that I did. And I don't think I'll ever go out again... I'm too frightened of what else I might learn.

I'd hate to see what happens in this creepy space if we land Hot Carl (Crawford).

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