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Miller did have a nice voice

Well, the Cali maryjane prop 19 lost...


And my favorite witch, too...


But, alas, there is good news at hand —

Jon Miller and Joe Morgan are done at ESPN.


OK, but now what am I going to do without the erudition?


Seriously. Will we know for instance that "if a ball is hit into the air, it may end in fly out"?


Or what about learning that "if a guy is a fast runner, he's likely to steal more bases"?


It's lucky I wrote some of them down for further reference such as "only a team that scores the most runs can win in the postseason."


Can you text msg that one to me? I may need it for reference.



HB, That news has already made this off-season a success! I didn't mind Jon Miller but Joe Morgan is an ass-hat. No more of him kneeling in front of Cano and fluffing him up.

Of course, watch us end up with one of the slew a crappy ex-ballplayers who suck at announcing baseball.

Glad to have you back HB and I hope you and your family are doing well.

I tend to agree with the commentators who suggest Jon Miller was collateral damage. I concur with your title; I like Miller's voice, too. But f-ing Morgan had to go.

Shulman will be an improvement. I wonder who the "color" analyst will wind up being. Hersheiser is okay, I guess, but the guy I actually liked in the booth was Al Leiter. I thought he brought some interesting things to say whenever I heard him. Yeah, he was a f-ing Yankee and all, but I still think he's pretty good.

Just some stupid quotes from Joe Morgan


Also, it only took 2 years to get it done.


somewhere Ken Tremendous is incredibly drunk right now.

Be careful what you wish for - having had to listen to Jim Plamer every time the O's played the Sox over the last 13 years, I've learned that decent, even insightful analysis often comes with a delivery so boring you want to drive a chop stick through your eardrums.

Yeah, I couldn't stand Morgan and while I'd admit that Miller had a very nice radio-type voice, the tone of it, to me, at least, was such that he never sounded serious. It was like he was on the verge of laughing all the time, not taking the game seriously.

I truly hope the devil we DON'T know will be better.

Welcome back, h.b.

Can I nominate Eck to fill either of those positions? Dave Roberts was pretty good when he was helping out the Sox. Hell, pretty much any Sox player except Nomah. He sucked on Baseball Tonight (or Sportscenter) when I saw him.

I think context has a lot to do with it. I love listening to Remy and Orsillo broadcast the Sox, but Orsillo's timing appeared to be all off during his network appearance during this year's playoffs. If I wasn't a Sox fan, I would have felt he was a second-stringer.

Just do me a favor, ESPN. Leave Don Orsillo alone. Thanks.

Join me in my campaign to do as much fisting as possible for Chip Caray.

Orel is a douche bag. Anyone who sits in the booth as the third guy and constantly tells the first two how stupid they are is a douche. I agree , leave orsillo alone. Eck is funny, but wont play well outside Bahstin. Kind of like I always liked Joe theismann because I was a skins fan, but the rest ofnthe world hates on him. I'd prefer no one. Just some good graphics with stats and music. That's how I watch all fox broadcasts.

Hoo, boy. What a knob job.

“Maybe they take their youngest kid so that in 50 years he can say, ‘I saw Derek Jeter play.’”

So does Jeter go into Cooperstown with a Yankees hat or a Brewers hat?

Jeter got the gold glove this year. knob job indeed.

Speaking of Jeetes...


Rawlings continues its march into irrelevance with this year's Gold Glove picks. It used to mean something before the days of statistics because you basically thought the coaches knew the most about defensive performance.

That changed when there were some really good sabermetric models for normalizing each defensive player's performance and people started keeping cleaner stats on every aspect of the game. Now, the managers are exposed and they are completely uninvested in recognizing *real* performance over fan favoritism and name recognition. Nevermind Kurt Suzuki...everybody knows Mauer's a "great catcher". Frankly, if these things had more relevance, then these selections would be seriously embarassing.

Re: Morgan/Miller. If you've been treated to some Kruk and Kuip, you know these two will eventually go into the Hall together - the Giants loss would be the world's gain if ESPN can get these two for the post-season ("sssWING-annamiss!")

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