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Happy Veteran's Day

OMG I'm shocked to see that Google has actually recognized a patriotic and daresay a nationalistic holiday?


Hey, c'mon now. Just because the Google gang is busy being the fascists of the interwebs doesn't mean that they can't take a moment to acknowledge a war or two against fascists.


Speaking of, it's been awhile, fah too long if you ask me, since anyone has mentioned a foot fetish or, say, the removable vagina on a RealDoll.


Here's the thing — If the vagina on an RD2 is removed, and nobody is there to miss it, is the vagina really gone?


No the biggah question is who the frig keeps removing the vagina anyway?


I'm pretty sure the portable pussy is over at Schrödinger's place, in a box.


OK. Quantum suicide match: Schrödinger's cat in a box versus Dice K's gyroball in a box. Who wins?



Since Schrodinger's Cat is both alive and dead at the same time, it can't possibly lose...

How about Dice-K and Nancy for Ichiro?

Not so fast...

S's cat = dead + alive

Gyroball = nonexistent + un-hittable

Then there is the X factor of the paint drying on grass growing.

All in all, to me that isn't a slam dunk for the cat.

If I have to stick my balls in a gyro AND put my junk in a box that does and does not have a dead pussy in it, I am forfeiting the match.

I guess that's a glory hole of a different sort...

Is the cat's name "Ditka"?

this just in...

"Derek Jeter's Salad Tosser Will Open Murray Hill Taqueria" - New York Magazine

take that Google.

Come on, Doug! If you had one, you'd know that you have to remove the vagina in order to clean it out easier. It's nearly impossible to get the hips to fit into anything smaller than a double basin sink while you're trying to hold the legs with one hand and the scrub brush with the other...

...aaand, I think I've said too much.

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