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Toe the line

I know this is supposed to be seen as a positive...


But the idea of the Yankees evah, evah drawing inspiration from or in anyway comparing themselves to the Red Sox just makes me want to puke.


It does make one's skin crawl doesn't it?


Seriously, I haven't had anything make me feel so queer, in the original sense of the word, since that time a Mexican shemale with a foot fetish told me my toejam tasted like fresas.


You know that every time you say "foot fetish" a Google bot gets a binary erection, right?



It was only a matter of time before this comparison was made. There's a Skank fan here at work who actually told me, "If the Yanks complete this comeback, it will be more impressive than the Sox in '04 because we will have beat Cliff Lee." Of course, he conveniently forgets that the Sox were down 3-0, not 3-1.

Mystique. Aura. And the kind of creamy hubris you can only buy at Zabars.

#1 New York Yankees $206,738,389
#26 Texas Rangers $55,168,114

Congrats to the scrappy Yankees!

Why not us?

PS - the Rangers are #26 in payroll out of THIRTY teams.

Imagine how it makes Yankees fans feel... that's pathetic. And I agree Bob, this won't be close to the feat the Sox accomplished in '04.
It's kind of funny too - "Remember how we got our ass handed to us a few years back? We could do that too!"

"this won't be" - re-reading that I realize I am getting ahead of myself... I hate to say this but I'd put my money on the Rangers winning this round.. either today or tomorrow.

Did any fans here watch the last 2 NLCS games?? Great baseball. Great drama. Much more entertaining than the Skanks-Texas snooze fest a couple nights ago. I am rapidly becoming a fan of the speedier games in the NL. The DH must go.

Read the 4th panel too fast and thought the shemale told you your feet tasted of Fresca.

Then I remembered when I was young there was a rumor going around that Fresca tasted like spooge.

Where was I going with this?

I know where I'm NOT going: anywhere for lunch that serves Fresca.

That is awesome.

BTW I used "fresas" partly to keep things open for the creepy weirdness we are all so fond of around here.


-Judge Smails

I was trying to decide how to tactfully alude to the fact that spooge does not, in fact, taste like Fresca. Then I remembered I lack tact.
It's all just creepy family here anyway, isn't it?

Oh yeah, good luck getting your Google ads back h.b.; you think if we use the term 'yanks' enough they'll flag you for that too?

2 Parts Fresca

1 Part Salt


I'll take a hoodie, XXL.

"If the Yanks complete this comeback, it will be more impressive than the Sox in '04 because we will have beat Cliff Lee" - Yankees fan since August 2010.

Mussina, Hernandez, Lieber, Brown, Gordon, some guy named Mo? a bunch of toejam licking Fresca gargling hacks.

The same thing happened to me with the 4th panel, pseudo.

Kaz, good point about the relative payrolls and the 'scrappy" Yanks. I have painfully learned never to count the Yankees out, but I truly think that Texas will overcome their difficulty in winning at home in the post-season with a win tonight or tomorrow.

So, hopefully some fun yak milk on Monday then?

Fresca cart!

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

Don't drink too much Bob, there's not enough Milk of Magnesia in the world that'll cure that heartburn.

Thu-ah Yankees lose! (That'll be something swisherlicious to yack about on Monday or Tuesday AEST).

And the last out was A-Fraud. Perfect.

more than 1 non red sox fan type person called me today to send congrats on the yankees demise.

There is understanding in the world.

A fine start to a weekend.

And the last out was A-Roid striking out looking. Poetic.

the giants win the penant ... and they're going real quiet

Hey, A-Rod FINALLY got the Rangers to the World Series. You gotta give the man some props.

My pick - Rangers in 4.

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