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Not the only one

TGIF, guy.


Dude, between the pot smoking Giants fans and the Christine O'Donnell sex stories, I've got the friggin shakes in anticipation for the weekend.


Got your Halloween costume all picked out.


Oh fuck yeah I do...


In the spirit of the tsunami that is coming on election day Tuesday, I'm going to dress up as a liberal protestah.


Stilts, puppets, and wigs?


Oh, no, guy, that's too pedestrian. It's time to think, big, really big...


You don't mean... no...


Yeah, that's what I'm talking about – Casaba Melon Man!


It's a "Trick" and a "Treat"!


♫ Imagine a world of giant nut sacks. It's easy if you try. ♪



Top of the list of things *NOT* to do for Halloween:

1.) "Jack the jewels."

Get a Boy Scout uniform and "Be Prepared" ;D

Are you gonna hand out Hershey bars with nuts?

I'm confused. Is the ODonnell campaign confused by the allegations of a one night stand, or the allegation that she is a 40 year old virgin?

h.b. - your reference back to a strip from early 2005 was great fun. I took a few moments to page through some of those older strips and was reminded again of just how long you've been putting out consistently good stuff for our enjoyment.

I actually remembered the scrotum-man strip from when it first was published. Tough to forget something like that - the protective goggles didn't work that day... Self-injections of saline to the chicken gizzards?? Yikes!

Anyway, a long-winded way to say thanks again for the fun. Your labor of love is a labor we all love.

Heh, speaking of older strips I still use the term '2 flush, shipyard dump' whenever possible.

Of course the picture of Ms. O'Donnell has glowing red eyes. Coincidence? I don't think so!

COD - The O'Donnell campaign may be more confused/disturbed that she missed the whole waxing trend. Of course that would get her elected up in Humboldt County.

Thanks, Rob.

It's always a trip going back to the old strips. Sometimes I don't have any recollection writing them. (Creepy).

Early beer cart today, creepsters.

Abby and I are about ready to leave on a two+ week vacation. Aruba, Curacao, Panama and Costa Rica.

And yes, we cast our absentee ballots.

Anyway, have a great next three weekends. Hopefully you'll have something fun to yak about on Monday, and I'll have some amusing tales to tell on Tuesday the 16th.

Bob, I hope you enjoy your trip to Curacao (and the other places)...there is at least one Soxaholix here.

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