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Not much, but something for a Monday

When I saw that Rangahs meltdown Friday night against the Yankees, I couldn't help but wondah if the Bambino moved to Texas aftah getting run out of Fenway in '04.


Hey, makes, sense, that's where most the new jobs are getting created. Heh.


When I think of the Rangahs the only thing I can this is – Cliff Lee. Me want.


Lee and Lestah? Leftylicious.


Yeah, but c'mon, what are the chances of landing Lee in free agency?


I mean Theo's going to be busy as hell this off season looking for a overpriced, undahperforming shortstop fercrissakes, he doesn't have time to pursue Lee.


Yeah, and don't forget the "reclamation" projects.


Who needs a top of the line stahtah when you can sign some guy off the hospital outpatient list and hope for a miracle?



To outbid the Skanks for Lee, it would cost the Sox as much as, say, buying an English soccer team. There's no way they have that much money available.

How about Cliff Lee FOR an English soccer team??

Oh...you mean sign a top-of-the-line starter like the aptly named Lackey. It's not underperforming infielders that were the issue. In fact, the everyday guys OVER-performed and kept us in it. Beckett, Lackey, Paps, Dice-K. I'm looking at you! Cliff Lee for Beckett and Dice-K. And Hidecki.

I'm with VTR- the supposedly big name pitchers were the problem last year, and we have too many of them tied up with big contracts to go after Lee. So lets hope that the Rangers beat the MFY and Lee likes being a world champ so much he stays in Texas.

As for the "reclamation" projects- I know that we've had some busts, but lets not forget that Lowell and even Ortiz fell into that category once... Nothing wrong with some low cost/ high upside guys

All good points re "reclamation." I confess I'm hurting for anything to write about.

I think it may be wise to consider a brief hiatus like last year.

One thing you have to remember about Lackey, though, is that he had a phenomenal second half of the season. He'd have to to have salvaged his WARP on the season to being just barely above zero given that he started the season as bad as (if not worse than) Beckett who had a negative WARP. So, I'm giving him another year. Maybe next year he'll be what we paid for and we can feel like we're starting to get value for money.

Liverpool might be the same way if they end up dropping out of the Premier League.

Reclamation projects - brings us back to the Duquette era. He was always looking for the next Reggie Jefferson.

Maybe - just maybe - Cliff Lee's father was assaulted by a Yankee while his mother, pregnant with little Cliff at the time, was forced to watch and suffer the humiliation of a Stankee beating the balls out of her husband. Since that time, the Lee family has developed a cult of hatred for the Injectees, and Cliff would rather die a thousand deaths than put on the pinstripes for even one moment.

Nah, he'll get a 5-year/$500 million contract and whoop us good for the foreseeable future.

who among is not seeking the next Archimedes Pozzo?


I don't think you can include Mike Lowell in your reclamation projects list mainly because that trade wasn't done on Theo's watch. It was made during the brief period he was in a gorilla suit. Also, he came in the trade of Hanley Ramirez with Beckett.

This off-season will be the most telling of all of the Henry-era ones as far as the owners' commitment to winning another championship.

and h.b., as far as a hiatus is concerned, while your millions of followers will be disappointed, I understand the need to recharge one's batteries and creative juices. Just promise that if something big happens -- say.... getting Cliff Lee for Beckett, Dice-K and Okajima, you'll be motivated to create a strip.

Here's a good idea! Take the ONE GM whoever did ANYTHING for you sorry sons of bitches and criticize the SHIT out of him until he leaves. Like Clemmens. Like No-MAH. Like Boggs. Like Pedro. Like Manny.
Like scores of others who gave your shitty little 3rd rate city their best only to be run out of town. World's Greatest Fans. What a crock of shit...

Gee, Big Bri, nice to see you. Cliff Lee did well tonight in the newish toilet bowl.

Its a sad state here in Texas...

All the Johnny come lately Rangers fans(Cowboys fans looking for something to stake there hopes too)and their lack of general baseball knowledge or the RIGHT way to play the game. They in general resemble the pathetic Gays fans above... In fact the ineptitude goes as far as we had some homer argue the other day on the local sports talk show that Cliff Lee hated playing for the Rangers so much and would rather be in NY sooo bad that he felt Cliff was going to "throw" the game VS. the Yanks so that the Rangers would not sign him in the off season and he would be free to go elsewhere... REALLY? Not hitting on all Cylinders there huh Brainiac??? The way this works is Cliff spanks Yankme ass (like he did)shows the Steinbrenner clan WHY he's worth the untold millions he's about to receive, then starts a bid war between Nolan Ryan and The Ghost of Steinbrenner for his services...

Damn bandwagon Cowboy fans are just looking for some sort of winning team to stake a claim to until the Mavs or Stars get hot...

Maybe John Henry will throw some of his Liverpool spending cash Lee's way??? Lester and Lee as the Lefty Duo??? Sounds good to me...


I don't know who in general you're referring to about the criticism of Theo. I think most Sox fans feel he's done a great job, but is not perfect -- similar to Yankee fans and Cashman, I suspect. As far as running players out of town. Please. Nomar was LOVED by Sox fans and it took courage for Theo to trade him, and Nomar was not happy because Theo had tried to trade him and get A-Rod the previous offseason, not because Sox fans didn't love him. Clemmens had underperformed for four years before he was let go, but again, most Sox fans at the time still liked him. It was only when he went to the Yankees that Sox fans really turned on him. Pedro? Sox fans still love him, despite the fact that he was a prima donna at times. He wasn't run out of town. He wanted more money than Theo was willing to pay and Theo was correct about not paying him, as he barely had one full season in his arm after he left. Manny? Please. He disrespected the game and the fans and his teammates and there is STILL a significant portion of Sox fans that support him (present company excluded). So, please get the facts right before you troll on this blog.

P.S. Yankees are going down in six or seven.

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