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You would too

Rider on Green Line:
Update 9/20: "Still bakin'"

The was a comic blogger named Brachen
Over the 1589th strip he was really achin'
"I think I'll take a day or rest"
He said with a sudden zest
And today he's wakin and bakin





It's a green day (hopefully)

Congrats, SDU! here's a limerick just for you:

When lawyers dine out, don't you know,
They eat at O Ya just for show.
They dazzle their guests
And I can attest
That the entree is squid pro quo.

Hart Brachen was taking a rest
While the Maggies were beating the best.
SDU drank some red
Then he fell into bed
The 'Pies history is such a pest.

thanks bob - you've gotta wear your cap ALL fucken week!

Congrats to those Maggies, SDU!

Not a problem, SDU. It's a great hat.

Thanks Hart. I'm over-excited.

Sox fan in exile in Chicago here. Been lurking, not commenting for a while. But my wife just called. Her company has a skybox at the Cell (U.S. Cellular Field, where the White Sox play) and they just gave out the tickets to the hoi polloi. Including a parking pass, no less. So I figure I'll go, wear my Red Sox regalia, and boooooooooo the crap out of Manny when he gets up. He has no extra base hits since the White Sox picked him up and has more strikeouts in that time than any of the other players. they definitely didn't get their $4M worth.

Re: the schedule. There has been some local comment here in Chicago that the last time the Red Sox played in Wrigley Field was the 1918 World Series. I wonder if I can get tickets. They're going to be a tough one to get.

Yeah, Manny's career is heading south (and ending) in a hurry. Guess age and the lack of 'roids caught up to him.

RonF, I'm going the Cell on the 27th and 28th. I'm slumming in the bleachers. The Sox used to come into town at the 4th of July weekend all the time. Now? Late September. I'm hoping that they are coming off a 3 game sweep of the skanks and 2 games back by that time. Good ol' optimism.

Today is the 5th game in our quest to win 20 in a row.

Just sayin'.

Thanks Kaz, like we needed to hear that said "out loud." :-)

In the immortal words of FDR: the only thing we have to beer is, beer itself.

With that, I shall now go to the newly renamed Arturo's Beer Cart. Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

I hope Arturo's Beer Cart is well stocked. This isn't going so well.

Fucking Lackey.

You can't say they (particularly Martinez) didn't try.

Well, except The Chin. Boy, Lackey stinks. Like "balls that haven't been washed in a week" stinks...

Like 'taint with a half-inch layer of schmaltz stinks?

At least JJ is not as likely to win the Sprint Cup this year. Nice guy, but I'm tired of seeing him win.

Aah,Limburger-Moe,Larry the cheese ;)

I resemble that remark.

I resemble that remark.

No doom and gloom on the Pats? No need to jump?

I have a feeling the Pats' defense will be up and down throughout the season. Fortunately, I do think they'll get progressively better. I'm sticking with my 10-6 prediction. Killer schedule.

yaz, I said at least JJ won't win the Sprint Cup...

It's the best I could do for Pats news, alright??

say goodnight, gracie.

[look it up]

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