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Spoiling an otherwise good Friday

So Bill, for the inevitable Yankees victory party should I wear Armani or Cardin?


I mean which designer best sartorially expresses Mystique and Aura?


Jeez, Mahts, I dunno know, shouldn't you be bothering some Tampa Bay fan since they continue to kick your pinstriped asses?


You know, Bill, for once you've stumbled unwittingly into the truth. The torch of Uber Also-ran has been passed to the Rays.


The Red Sux are just another bug crushed into the grill of the speeding Yankees Express... no different from a Seattle or a Kansas City. Heh.


So let me ask you this, Billy Willy, you still getting wood ovah your boy wonder GM?


He has assembled 2 World Series teams in 6 years, Mahts, remembah?


Wow, Bill, you're starting to sound like Osama Bin Laden pining for Al-Andalús in 12th Century Spain. Ancient history, B. Budd, ancient history.


Yeah, like Steinbrennah.


Here's something, Bill, unlike the Boston Beaners, Tampa Bay continues to field a contendah year in and year out... but I bet you don't even know the name of their GM do you?


Of course, I do, Mahts.


Yeah, so what is it?


His name is Ben Dover.


Brilliant, Bill, but now I've gotta run. I'm sure you have something important to do yourself like buff your little Ted Williams statuette or something.


Don't fuck with the Teddy Baseball, Mahty.


Oh, and, Bill? When you're buffing, just remember — Don't lose your head. Bwahahaahaha.



Buff MY head Mahts ;D

Great strip today, h.b. Had me laughing several times.

Well, this weekend maybe we can play the role of spoiler, although I don't like tonight's pitching match-up. At least we avoid Sabathia.

*&%#@*&(*#%! Marty.

Gawd, I hate Teh Mahts...

I know the Sox are out of it, but it sure would be redeeming to cost the Yanks the division, esp. since the Rays hold the season for/against tie break on them.

I need Bill to make that call back to Mahty.

Delusional, but until the Sox are officially eliminated they still have a chance. 10-0 to finish the season? Sure, what the heck pass me the meds.

the team may suck, but this strip is always a winner. thanks!

All things considered, the Sox are 5-7 against the MFY. The Rays are 10-8 against them and 11-7 against us. If anything, the MFY are the Lucky Pierre in this AL East ménage à trois, taking it from the Rays behind but giving it to us in the rear.


I probably should have thought this metaphor through better. I was gonna say "Let's go win a few this weekend and reverse the roles!" but somehow that doesn't feel like you really won in the metaphor. . .

...Aha! Just like beating the Yankees head-to-head is not really winning in the standings either! Nope, the metaphor was good. Let's go take Lucky Pierre away from the Yankees!!


I was sure the gm's name was Mike Hunt.
my bad

FUCK I hate Marty. You do a good job making him loathsome.

I'd like to take Marty's oh so 1986 v-necked velour sweater and shove it up his ever-loving, self-righteous smug ass. Who's glum now motherf*cker?

Now, back to your regularly scheduled, not so abrasive comments.

pseudo -- you go, girl.

*&%#@*&(*#%!ing Marty.

Now I'm going to go outside, find someone that looks like Marty and kick his ass.

there once was a Mahty from Noo Yawk
who, like all his players sucked cock-
when the weekend was over,
both he and Ben Dover
prayed to the bloody red sock

That strip was mean. An accurate portrayal of both sides, but mean.

Beware of Yankee Fans bearing gifts, but if anyone reading this is thinking of coming down, this may help you get through the series with your necks in one piece: http://unclemikesmusings.blogspot.com/2010/09/how-to-be-red-sox-fan-in-new-york.html

Dear Uncle Mike;

go shit in your hat.



Uncle Mike, another reason to hate the MFY's

*&%#@*&(*#%! Marty.

I'm leaving early today. Last night before the move tomorrow, and there's still a few things to be packed and cleaned.

Abby? Pack and clean, please.

(As if.) Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

Hope you have a smooth move Bob...and hope Abby's back doesn't give out.

And if any of you are King of the Hill fans- I hope this weekend isn't an 'I don't know you, that's my purse!' weekend.

In other words, I don't want to get kicked in my fellas again. It'd just be dirty pool.

Psuedo, your comments never fail to crack me up!

Eh, Marty doesn't really bug me like he used to. He's just a prick. If I were Bill, I'd just hang up the instant I heard his voice.

Also, I hope the Rays kick the ever-loving shit out of the Yankees in the postseason (provided they don't make an awesome first-round exit which their shit-tacular starting pitching minus Sofatthia makes tantalizingly possible), and then the Rays are soundly defeated by the .

Goddammit, that last comment was supposed to have "insert NL team of your choice here" at the end, but apparently the carets made it think I was trying to be awesome with HTML.

If Collingwood and St Kilda played a drawn grand final, and no soxaholix were aware of it, did it really happen? Did it not seem real?

Collingwood remains the only side to have been beaten by St Kilda in a grand final (1966) and now the only side to have played in two draws (1977 and yesterday).

My photos:

Press coverage:

I'm very tired...

looks like a great time, sdu. Berrocca cures. And what a cool venue- how big is it, about 90K fans?

Very conscientious of #31 to get a pregame prostate exam by the lad to his right, too. If you don't have your health and all that....

Melbourne Cricket Ground Buck - there waas 100,019 attendees.

And the same again next weekend (weekly prostate checks are best). They've change the rules to provide for extra time in the event of another draw.

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