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Sartorial splendor

This playing out the string thing really sucks. I mean we keep winning but what can I do it with?


Hey, now, it could be worse. You be a Red Sox fan playing out the string *and* be First Lady. Jeez, that poor woman.


So evidently antisocial behavior has no dress code. Except in NY, where suspects or persons of interest in connection with serious crimes just love to wear Yankees apparel at the time of the crimes or at the time of their arrest or arraignment.


Cue the Law and Order voice over:

In the Criminal Justice System the people are represented by two separate, yet equally scumbaggy groups. The douchebags who wear Yankees attire to commit crimes and those few that don't. These are their stories. Bom Bom.


So let's see, criminals who live the notion of the ends justifying the means are fans of a team that has built a mythology around the concept of the ends justifying the means. Go figure.


Now batting the Yankees, Dante te te te Alighieri eri eri eri

Clap. Clap. Clap-Clap-Clap.



Hat tip to reader Jim Loomis for the tip to the NYT story on criminals and Yankees attire.

No better example of criminals wearing Yankees gear than the Jeetz faking being hit by a pitch last night, then finding out on the 7-11 store cam that the ball actually hit the end of the bat instead. No wonder Joe Maddon about melted his Coke-bottle bottom goggles.

Dante? Or Niccolò Machiavelli?

He probably has more opposite-field power than Dante Bichette.

I wonder if Bob Sheppard is now announcing everyone's arrival in heaven? "Now entering heaven..(your name here)." I would say hell but Sheppard seemed like one of the very few good guys in the Skankee organization.

Don't think you mean the poet, right? Maybe the court advisor, Machiavelli?

The times, they are a-changin'?

Just last year, it used to be that Red Sox caps were the chapeau-of-choice, at least in Boston bank robberies anyways.

Yeah, my bad, better to go with Machiavelli. I often confuse the two and think The Prince was Dante.

Surviving Grady picked up the gist of what I wrote here yesterday:

"I’m not surrendering anything yet. You want the good leads? The Glengarry leads? Then you keep closing, motherf#$kers. Just keep closing."

Within 6 games with 6 against the Yankees (2-8 in their last 10) left to play? It feels like we just got the reins in our hands on this run-away stagecoach. Calm the horses and let's get this gold to Dodge City.

It's time to Cowboy Up again. (Do you think we can call up Millar from the St. Paul Saints just for shits and giggles?)

PS -- Our postseason odds went up 5000% overnight to 3.8%.

You know, Dane is accidentally OK here. I thought you meant that the Yankees would all end up in various circles of Hell. Jeter in the one for liars (or maybe the over rated)--wow, this is a tougher chore than I thought!

I meant "Dante."
Rookie jitters.

The Skanks are returning the favor to their bankrobbing bretheren. They've been playing like there's nylons over their heads lately.

Just sayin...

If we win the last 16, the best the Yankees can do is 10-6 because of all of the head-to-head we have left. Both teams would have 98 wins.

Just sayin'.

I applaud everyone's optimism ("just sayin'"), but I'm calling it. This ain't gonna happen, as much as I'd like it to. This isn't the NL where the Rockies can go 21-1 to close out the year and get into the postseason. This is the AL East, where men are men, everyone's above-average, and the Red Sox are in third place in the division.

Sorry guys, love you all like brothers, but it just isn't happening...

"If we win the last 16...."

Whatever Kaz is smoking, I want some.

Kaz - I think you are rearranging deck chairs. The lifeboats pulled away quite some time ago.

But the band plays on.

Rob, I recognize your reverse gooch for what it is.

sdu, I might be smoking some tires soon. The Can-Am Spyder has rear traction control...that shuts off if you start from a dead stop with the handlebars straight so that you can do auto transmission burnouts as long as you don't turn the handlebars or fishtail...heh heh heh...

toot, toot



Maggies into the grantd final,



"The douchebags who where Yankees attire"

Spell check is not always your friend. It gives you a false sense of security.

Hah. I don't even spell check. I just type and go. LOL.

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