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Running late

Oh, so *now* the Red Sox rout the Rays.


Bettah late than what fucking evah.


At least Kalish has a sweet swing.


Yeah, and maybe I'll learn some smooth dance moves by watching Bristol Palin.


There's no next year 'til next year.


And this year, well...


This year stands On Fields O'er Which the Reapah's Hand has Passed.*


Fucking reapah.



Come on, seasons don't fear the reaper. Nor do the wind, the sun or the rain. We can be like they are.

Nice to see Looooooooie before the game (no, NOT lc). And Rocco at DH for da Rayz. Kalish is the real deal. BUT- Yo'mama Navarro is way overmatched at the plate, and Lars ain't far behind (granted, small sample size)

I felt bad for the family of Robert Colello, who were all around me last night. By the end, even they weren't cheering the poor guy. If this is what next year's bullpen looks like, it's gonna be another bridge to nowhere year

ya, I was at the game Sunday. I don't care.

Too little too late

Last night my son (16) said, "...it's not over by a longshot. We still have 6 with the Yankees, these 3 with Tampa, and theres like, 25 games left!"

Ah, youth.

Travis didn't want to believe his dog was in trouble after fighting with a rabid wolf. But in the end, he had to put Old Yeller down with a shotgun.

vermonter, let your son know that at least we can watch 25 games of Young Yeller/Savage Sam.

Ah, it's not just youth though. I'm perpetually hearing the chorus of (depending on which way the previous night's game has gone) 'WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THEM! WHY DID YOU INTRODUCE ME TO THIS TORTURE!' or 'Well, they're only x games back, what do you think babe?' To which I grimace and sigh.

I will, Kaz.

I love the optimism, that feeling that, "come on Dad...anything can happen". He'll learn. No need to ask for whom the bell tolls...

Youth with its enthusiasms which rebels against any accepted norm ...

i feel like it's september 06, only the jays have become the rays and my bald spot is bigger. only one of those is a surprise tho...

this season is a drag. maybe if we go burn some Qurans.. ya that will fix everything.

sorry for the mention of current pop stupidity here, but the magnitude of the stupidity is stuck in my head like a bad song.

SDU - Congratulations on Prime Minister Gillard finally securing a parliamentary majority. Looks like the rule of law may win out down under yet.


Go 'Pies!

Yeah...burn some Qurans...that'll show'em.

Pastor Terry Jones is a fucking moron.

Maybe he can burn some bibles over that whole Inquisition thingie.

Thanks Rob.

Only took 13 days to secure a result. It was entertaining.

Vermonter Jr. is also a Bruins fan. 'Nuff said

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