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Other echoes

Well, there it is then.


Closure at last.


Who knew it could feel so good?


The exhaustion of metaphor.


Words aftah speech reach into the Silence...


And then, those little anodynes
That deaden suffering.


Wait until next year, bitches.



A couple of the speeches are inspired by Emily D and TS E. ( I'll leave it to the astute reader to sort it all out.)

Right with you in loud lament.

Last night was so perfectly fitting. A comeback, immediately followed by collapse.

2010 in a nutshell. Or a nutsack, anyway.

I stayed up to watch the Sox go out quickly in the top of the 10th and then went to bed. When I woke up this morning, the first thing I did was check my iPhone to see that they lost in the bottom of the 10th.

Why do I care at this point? Even if they won, there's virtually no chance the'd overtake either the Yankees or the Rays. But old habits die hard, it seems. Even when Mariano blows a save, Papelbon has to immitate his hero, I guess.

This clearly wasn't the Sox year. We had so many opportunities to stay in this race. The Yankees have stumbled badly this month and the Rays, too. We just aren't as clutch as we were in '04 and '07. And even if we had snuck into the post-season, it's unrealistic to think we'd have won the chamionship. A circa '04 Keith Foulke Papelbon is not.

SDU has probably seen this, but it's a good quiz/primer on Collingwood for the rest of us (now that we need a team to root for).


So much past tense.. You all know the Red Sox are not yet eliminated, right?

Papelbo delenda est.

got back late saturday night from a week in the DR. A few thoughts, since ultimately all things lead back to the Redsox.

I got a small glimpse of why Papi behaves the way he does when shit is going wrong... "It's all good man.." very relaxed place he comes from.

Ate at a restaurant on the beach, literally on the sand, named Papi's. No relation to Ortiz, just the guy's nickname. Mother fucker can cook some camarones like no other.

As air travel goes, had to fly from NC to NY to get to DR. So, many hours sitting in JFK. I can say again that one of the most disgusting sights to have to lay eyes on, over and over and over, is NYC douchebags wearing their brand new, never been sweated in, tag still on, stiff brim Yankee caps. I am sure its all the rage and style in that city, and they are just supporting their team, but it is right there with fatties in spandex.

Natalie, I feel for you.

But the best hat I saw on a yankee fan was some world series champs bandwagon thing with an embroidered world series trophy on the back, just above the strap. The trophy was turned askew just a bit, kind of looking at it from an angle. Well, from about 10 feet away, it looks just like a dildo.

My bad. Just saw that the tragic # is 1. I got a Google alert saying they'd been eliminated so I just ran with it.

Maybe I'll just repeat this strip later. :)

These guys are ruining my autumn.

Thanks, Jeff. It is a weird experience to be so deep in enemy territory, but since I have written off baseball this year, it barely registers. Bring on Hot Stove!

And now for a complete tangent... just booked a trip to Argentina for midNov, looking for recommendations for boutique hotels (nice ones) in the city and an estancia (ranch) experience within driving distance of the capital. Any Soxaholix have recommendations for us? The Iguazu part of the trip is set, but the rest still needs shaping.

Now back to your scheduled programming...

Natalie - a few restaurant recommendations: Casa Cruz in Palermo Soho for a chic late dinner, Cabanas Las Lilas for an amazing parrilla experience.

I rented a house when I visited, so I can't tell you about the hotels, but tablethotels.com is reliable.

would been nice to win last night just to fuck up their rotation prep for the playoffs, but 'twasn't to be. Have they announced Bard as next year's closer yet?

And there it is...

It all up and vanishes like a fart in the wind.
Yet the stink still lingers.


Does 2004 allow for us to expect the least likely results? We used to think that the worst was always going to happen. Did 2004 change that or do we still expect the worse? I love the Yankee / RedSox rivalry I always expect the games to go to extra innings and I always expect the best out of each team. I am proud of the Sox for not giving in and I think that this series will go along way for the youngsters on the team this year. Now I will go to the Cell tonight and root for the Sox and against the Yanks for the impossible.

'Atta boy jar! It's not over til...you know the rest. Agree with everyone else that it's simply a matter of time, but I think being a Sox fan means you can't truly give up until it is officially over. I hope you don't get to re-run this strip hb, and not because you don't deserve a day off.

good to know that I'm not a real sox fan.

That's a relief

Jim, right on.

lc, me too.

Pseudo, at least it wasn't an egg fart. They not only linger longer, but leave a bad aftertaste.

Yankees lose. Rays lose. Sox win...the Red ones, anyways.

Go Blue Jays.

Oopsie - still alive!

I don't know why, but I thought you bunch of creepy misfits should read this unfortunate article concerning the fact (as it is said to be) that fellatio is almost non existent. Seems a shame:


Heh! I could have told Ms. Dati that, sdu.

I'd be happy to give her a 20-30% return if she'd like to inflate my economy...

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