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Now, where were we?

I feel a queer sense of déjà vu.


All ovah again.


I could not stop for death, so he kindly stopped for me. Twice.


Q: So how many Red Sox relievahs does it take to blow a save?

A: N/A because saves are way fucking overrated.


Hey, remembah, "It's a long season."


Seriously, lose a few here, blow a few there, no biggie. It'll all work out in the end, right, Tito?


Next is next year. This is year is last year. Pour me a friggin' Chivas 12 year.



Marathon not sprint,my ass

"Grave, where is my victory?" And all the trumpets sounded on the other side.





Go Sox.

So here's a timeline for the last year. Yankess win. Patriots suck a fat one. Bruins suck a fat one. Celtics suck a game 7-size one, belonging to the douchiest team with the douchiest fans in the world. FML. Sox try to suck a fat one, and break three bones in the process, and then lie down for a nap.

Whoever said the pen is mightier than the sword sucks a fat one.

Not our pen.

17,000 fans at the trop for a playoff clinching game with the team's ace on the mound... Now that's what a call deserving fan base!

On to hot stove - Sox can't afford to have Crawford playing in left at the toilet, so how does Theo approach Crawford's free agency?

I have a theory, to placate the fan base he makes token offers to both Beltre and V-Mart, lets both walk, prays Salty's thumb is ready to catch 90-100 games, resigns Tek to backup backstop and blows the wad on Crawford. Lowrie ends up at third, for now.

It's been an interesting season and a wonderful season of strips HB. I still want a season ending sweep of the mfys.

Stink, stank, stunk.

Well played, Rob.

@GSGH -- At first I laughed at your post, then I cringed. Yeah, the Bruins blowing a 3-0 series lead and the Celts blowing a 3-2 Finals lead was pretty painful. It'll just make the championships this year that much more sweet !!??

Theo better make this a fantastic hot stove season.

MadRaider, I hope your scenario is wrong but it so plausible that I cringed at reading it.

It was strange being at the game last night and seeing the time space continuum get realigned and then the Red Sox proceed to suck the remaining life out of me in the last 2 innings.

Why is Doug talking about Marshal Tito?


Ugghhh. Can anyone in the FO look back and say 'we really screwed up?' Or is it just us pathetic fans that think they could have made a move or two at the deadline that would have improved their chances at making the playoffs?

@Rob- nice one.

As big of a bummer that this season turn out to be, it's sort of amazing that we stayed in the hunt for so long.

It might be the glass-half-full in me, but I'm still hoping that we can play spoiler to the MFY this weekend. And maybe run one high and tight on A-Rod...

hey, before any other roster moves can be made, Theo needs to shit all over the perfectly well functioning shortstop position.

After screwing that up, all efforts must be on pitching. Our AAA guys along with the veterans actually did pretty well in the field. But between Daisuke, Beckett, and ugly boy, followed by our incredibly inconsistent bullpen, closed out by that dumbass Papelbon, we have a bit of a problem that wont be overcome by defense and homeruns.

Okay, short story that probably means nothing to anyone but me. My older daughter's getting married in about 2-1/2 weeks (yeah, for those of you keeping score at home, that's the second wedding in 3 months I'm paying for). Last Saturday was the soon to be S-i-L's bachelor party. Nice affair, cookout, Sam Adams on tap, raffle, bocce, etc.

As F-o-B, it was my obligation to "cowboy up" for raffle tix, which worked pretty good for me. Many prizes were brought home, which salved the wound to my wallet. Amongst the prizes I won? Grand Prize: Two box seats to this Saturday's Yanks/Sox game at 1:00. Sweet!!

Well, until I remembered that we're throwing a surprise 60th wedding anniversary party at that EXACT same time for my in-laws.


Wound up giving the tix to s-i-l's brother who went to extraordinary lengths to put the party together. (Good job, Dave!)

The only redeeming factor now is that, as we've all been alluding to the last couple days, our time-shifting multiverse has course-corrected back to reality (and directly into the path of an asteroid hurtling across the heavens). If there were even a glimmer of hope that we were still alive, that would have REALLY hurt.

The saddest words
Of tongue or pen
Are but these:
It might have been.

Rob, I'm going Saturday, but I thought the TBD had been D-ed to be 4:10.

Nice affair, cookout, Sam Adams on tap, raffle, bocce, etc.

Just wondering if that "etc." involved a life size Lisa in purple CK underwear for the bachelor.

We've been about 6 games out since June something, probably earlier. Very little tease this year - other than the Ladies of Soxaholix calendar.


@Bob - I see that you're right - 4:10 pm. The ticket printout said 1:00. Really doesn't matter as I'm a couple hour's drive away, and no way will I be able to excuse myself in time to catch much of the game. Too bad - I'd have enjoyed buying you a beer. I'd have enjoyed it even more if you paid.


Oh well, as we've been saying, "Wait 'til next..."

@sonoma - Heh! No purple, no CK, no calendar girls. As the F-o-B, I was just as glad. I'm happy to save Lisa for someone else's bachelor party.

h.b. - You ARE going to be working on that 'Girls of The Soxaholix' calendar this off-season, right?



What's wrong, SDU? Don't like Lionel Ritchie?

I say the Red Sox kill all of the Yankees this weekend after Sunday's game at Fenway and then they wear their uniforms in the post-season Enrico Palazzo style.

If the Padres don't make the playoffs, Jed Hoyer will probably take one of the young'uns for a year of Adrian Gonzalez; Youk moves to 3rd base, and we let someone else overpay for Beltre. Crawford to left, and Ellsbury/Cameron share the CF/4th OF role. I'd dump JD, but who's going to pay $14 mil?

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