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No hiding from them

Hey, Callaghan, just calling to double-check your mailing address... I've got a little end of the season present for you.


Oh, c'mon now Mahts, just because you upgrade to a newah model from Abyss* doesn't mean I want your worn out hand-me-downs.



Ah, poor Billy Budd... so how's it feel to once again know that God is in his Yankeedom and all is right with the world?


Oh, but no fear, lil' Budd, I'm sure fate will throw you another bone in 80 years or so.


In the meantime you can go back to your natural destiny.


I mean somebody has to represent your peeps.


The Boston Red Sox – send us your losers, your castoffs, your second placers...


Oh, and how can I forget – send us your single white sluts seeking cock.


Red Sox Nation. How sweet it is.


Love that dirty water, right, Bill?


Bill slamming phone with thought bubble:



Retro phone: $53
Pushing Callaghan's buttons: priceless.



Spit out my drink on that second to last panel. Well done h.b., well done.

{golf clap} Well played Mahts, well played. {golf clap}

Karma's a funny thing,I'm just sayin'

I got nuthin'.

Hi everyone. The season is over. Get it?

Now, I have never asked any of you for anything other than pity and cheap laughs at the expense of others, but I am departing from the time-worn script today to ask you to click on a link.

Here's The Link

If you could vote for the Foundation For Faces of Children, they might stand a chance of getting an extra 20k from a foundation run by the race car driver Jimmie Johnson. You can only vote once a day: otherwise, I'd be pounding a script for it. So, I am relying on this creepy assemblage of malcontents and fellow sufferers to help out.

hb, if this is considered unnecessary whoring, please delete the comment.

The Foundation For Faces of Children is affiliated with Boston's Children's Hospital and I am told it could use the money.

The work done by the doctors affiliated with the organization literally changes lives.



I hate Marty. Almost as much as I hate The Gwendolyn Strong Foundation. Let's knock those leaf-eaters from California off of their first place perch and get The Foundation for Faces of Children up where they belong.

Pseudo's right about that second-to-last panel. I've never seen Callaghan looks so teapotish.


You're always welcome to post that sort of thing.

BTW C.O.D. belated thanks for the heads up on the dating site profile Red Sox connection from yesterday that I gave to Marty today.

HA! That last Bill panel just screams for an animated gif of the phone handle exploding into a puff of smoke in his hand.

lc, did what I could.

Also, did anyone else happen to see Rex Ryan running down Comm Ave towards Kenmore early this morning?

I swear I did...but I didn't even think something that large could move that fast.

Unless doughnuts are involved ;D

lc- I entered my vote and set up a daily reminder through the 29th in my Outlook calendar. Will also whore out to my Facebook clan...Hope it helps.

I saw him Kaz. He ran right into some Audi. They had to use the jaws of life to get Rex out of himself.

Vote early, vote often.

God, I hate Marty. Hate it even more when I've got no comeback.

Did my part, lc.

Hopefully Brady had a come-to-Jesus moment after the car accident, and will cut his ridiculous childish hair.

Only two comebacks for mahty...

1. Keeping the important things in perspective, chicks like the Red Sox, ergo mostly dudes like Yankees. You can keep your sausage party for you and your butties.

2. Go fuck yourself, Mahty. Being proud of your love of the Yankees is like being proud of the craftsmanship you used to make the peephole into your mom's bathroom.

What Tanner and Lupus said.

Go Sox, Abby thinks Brady's hair makes him look like Adam Rich.

Thanks for those, Jeff. I'm feeling a bit better now. LOL


Years may wrinkle the skin,but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul. Worry, fear,self-distrust bows the heart and turns the spirit back to dust.

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