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Lisa the eBook Writer

Lisa the Temp:
Hey, peeps, been awhile hasn't it?


Lisa the Temp:
Well, Lisa's been busy creating her self-published, eBook empire.


Lisa the Temp:
Gotta love the long tail, people.


Lisa the Temp:
What am I working on now? Oh, glad you asked.


Lisa the Temp:
My latest is a self-help book for a niche, yet lucrative, demographic.


Lisa the Temp:
It's called "The Wiccan's Guide to Onanism."


Lisa the Temp:
Yeah, that's right, and I just finished the first two chapters...


Lisa the Temp:
"Chapter 1: Got an Itchy in Your Bewitchy?" and "Chapter 2: You Don't Need a Coven to Stoke Your Inner Oven."


Lisa the Temp:
Next up, "Chapter 3: God Says No; The Goddess Says Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!"


Lisa the Temp:
I know, Hawt, right?



VERY hawt.


What is the sound of one hand clapping,Grasshopper??

Nothin' says lovin' like something from the coven.

Lisa-dancing with herself ;D

Brings a whole new meaning to "handfasting".

I'm waiting for the audio book release. Yes, yes!, yes!!

Do you think Lisa is ghost writing this for Christine O’Donnell's campaign?

Whatev's. It's a platform plank I can endorse.

One hand clapping? The sound is Oh ooooohhhh oooooooooohhhhhhh oh god oh god YES YES

Or something like that.

So sad that we are vamping on Lisa rather tham getting ramped up for the playoffs. I know it's been discussed already but what a disappointment Beckett and Dice-K, and Paps were this year. And Lackey. So sad.

Thank you for the much needed injection of levity.

Lester (wins provided above AAA player replacement: 5.4), Buchholz (WAR: 5.2), and Bard (3.1): $4.5M of awesome.

Beckett (-1.1), Papelbon (0.5), Lackey (1.4),Matsuzaka (1.0), and Okajima (0.0)? $51 MILLION of suck.

PS -- a WAR value under 2.0 is not worth being a starting player...maybe a bench player. Under 0 means you were better off bringing up a rookie from Pawtucket (unexcusable, Beckett). The trio of awesome were the only 3 pitchers on the whole squad to be above 1.5 WAR rating.

Chapter 4:
Round about the caldron go,
Rub it fast and make it glow.

Chapter 5:
Double, double toil and trouble;
Lube it well, else burst your bubble.

I'll be in my bunk.

Chicks dig the long tail.

One that needs no editing

Chapter 6

By the pricking of my thumbs something wicked this way comes

Shakespeare and Onanism-who knew??

I am at a loss...

Meow, Lisa, meow.

Shakespeare and A Man Named Jayne-who knew?

Thanks Ponch

I thought it a slight miscalculation not retaining Saito's services, he would have been worth a couple more wins out there. Hopefully Beckett and Lackey rededicate themselves over the offseason after their embarassing campaigns this year, Tito needs to have a very very short leash with Dice BB as well next season.

However, with that being said, If you could somehow maintain current production next year, add a dependable bp arm or two things look really bright.

One hopes the self-publishers of the Fine Women of Soxaholix Calender will incorporate onanism into next years theme.


Self-'publishers' eh, sdu?

Will the calendar also come with a complimentary copy of Showgirls?

OK, we're all pissed off. Kaz's 51 million dollars of suck hit it on the nose.Something to cheer about after all these injuries would be 90 wins. Thanks, Beckett--you fuckdog.
My daughter lives in Florida-- I'll start again visiting during March in '11. Sixty-four years of this bullshit. However, Crane's poem: I held my heart in my hands and ate of it...Is it bitter? It's bitter, but I like it because it is bitter. May Pesky see another championship in '11.

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