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Keeping it interesting (barely)

Hey, look the Red Sox won!


Our *tragic* numbah remains at 3.


Yeah, at this point with the postseason out of the question I'm left playing against ad hoc mental scenarios.


Oooh, sounds exciting. And by exciting I, of course, mean lame.


No check it out... Here's one:

Which elimination finality will occur first – Red Sox elimination from the postseason or Ashton Kutchah's banishment from Demi Moore's coochie?


Ah, poor Demi... I only hope I can drift into life's late summah just half as well as she has.


Really? I dunno. She kind of reminds me of the Yankees...


You know propped up by a combination of money, unnaturally enhancements, and some sort of voodoo pact with Satan.


Yeah, and you know what I say? Sign me the fuck up already.



Which elimination occurs first: the Sox from the postseason, or ~10,000 Pats' fans from Gillette on Sunday, after confusing Brady's "be loud and rowdy" exhortations with vomiting on the people in front of them.

I vote for the goat.

"some sort of voodoo pact with Satan".

lol, h.b.

I'm uncomfortable with the notion of lovely Circle ready to sign on to any Satanic program endorsed by the Yankees.

And the Punk'd-master himself gets hoisted on his own petard by a skank he meets at a bowling alley over a bunch of text messages. Are people really this stupid?

I second the nomination of the goat.

The litmus test of personal vanity I like to employ is: if I looked like Demi Moore well into my 40s (for which I might entertain Satanic pacts, can't be any more grueling that being a Sox fan in NYC right now), would I be posting half-naked photos of myself on Twitter? Probably not. Yeah, most definitely not. In college, guy friends tried to convince me to do the Playboy 'Girls of the Ivy League' edition (recoil in flattered horror), but I like to think I escaped the massive daddy issues that make that a compelling idea. :)

Bright spot in a miserable end of Sept for baseball- the FJM geniuses have reunited again on Deadspin. I laugh to hide my pain...

I honestly don't get the 'Demi Moore is still teh hawt!' thing. She looks like a mannequin that was accidentally painted with orange rather than a more natural human color. Demi Moore was born in '62 and gone mental with the plastic surgery. Who would I rather bang that is same age or older with no/limited plastic surgery? How about:

-Mary McDonnell, born in '52
-Helen Mirren, born in '45
-Monica Bellucci, born in '64
-Michelle Pfeiffer, born in '58 (I haven't seen her lately, so she might have gotten some surgery recently)

Come on Circle, we've got plenty of room on the bandwagon...

Well, if you were betting the Sox would be eliminated before Katy Perry was eliminated from Sesame Street, you just lost. Please settle with the house on your way out.

I just spent 5 mins trying to think of something witty in response to several of the comments above, but I've got nothing.

...but what if Elmo's last name was Ditka? ;)

How about this, h.b.?

Playboy's "Girls of The Soxaholix". Nominations, anyone?

I'll kick it off with Lisa in the classic Bo Jackson poster pose with shoulder pads and a bat behind her head.


A friend of mine went to Brown. One of his friends/roommates dated a girl who actually was in the Girls of the Ivy League. I always thought the guy should have put that on his resume.

Sorry, Rob, but I'm tired of the whole True Blood/Twilight crap. Leave the bat out of the picture.

Heh. I was thinking more of this one, Kaz.

I sat next to one of the Girls of the Big 10 in a class. We never saw her again after the issue came out.

The only thing that sticks out to me regarding Demi Moore is her constant denial that she's ever altered herself surgically. You'd think someone who has spent the last 25 years on film would be a bit more self-aware.

And even though cartoon nudity freaks me out I'm all for the Girls of the Soxaholix as long as us ladies get a little hot dog cart action as well. Whadayasay chaps?

Arturo covered in sauerkraut?


Good one Rob.

Meanwhile, off to Melbourne this afternoon to share religion with 98,000. Pray for us:


Have fun, sdu! Hope you stay clear of the 'Colliwobbles'.

Good luck!

Sauerkraut and Sriracha, Rob...meeeow! That's the mustard on my pretzel.

LOL, pseudo! And all this time I thought it was the porn 'stache he wears.

No wonder Bob likes his sriracha so much.

Yes indeedy.

Porn 'stache only makes more flavor to savour, my man. Nothing like a bristly lip beast infused with manky hot dog water, sweat and bits of relish to get a girls juices flowing.

@pseudo - Hedley Lamarr said it best: "My mind is a raging torrent, flooded with rivulets of thought cascading into a waterfall of creative alternatives."

Now you'll excuse me while I go throw out my Gilette Fusion...

Always as late as possible: I declare today's strip and comments to be highly entertaining. Nice job, folks.

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