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It's getting tougher to fill this space

Like Paris Hilton in Tokyo, the Red Sox were denied.


Yeah, and by the powah house that is the Baltimore friggin Orioles.


As Dave Pinto astutely reminds us: The Sox are 8-9 against the Orioles this season. If that record was 13-4, we'd would be right in the thick of the AL East and Wild Card races.


The idea of the 2010 Red Sox was a good one. Just turned out to be a mismatch with reality.


Hey, what can you do? it happens*.

*[Mostly SFW - Ed.]



Someine last week posted (I think it was Kaz) that if we were able to go 5-1 on our homestand (not unrealistic given the opponents), we'd be in "the thick of the AL East and wild card races". It appears more likely at this point that we'll go 1-5. Oh, well.

we're not in the thick of anything.



Doesn't being mired in 3rd place count?

If a team falls into third place and no one is watching, is it really in third place?

Good job, Sox. Way to take Clay's shot at the Cy Young down with you.

I can't wait to go to the game tonight. My tickets are right behind the bullpen.

I'm moving (all of three blocks) on Saturday. I find myself looking forward to that pressure-packed, day-long shite show more than watching the Sox.

h.b.: It's getting tougher to fill this space

That's what she said.

This season is like having a date with a chick and you just KNOW you're gonna score, and you're home by yourself by 11.

Not that it's ever happened to me, of course.

Go Bruins.

I actually had that thought as I was logging on today, h.b. I was thinking that it must be hard to be creative when they suck. You are playing out the string too, I guess.

Vermonter - Sadly, that's where most of the scoring took place - home by myself at 11:00 pm...

Bob - just saw your Wakefield comment from this morning on yesterday's strip. Hilarious!

may be mostly sfw, but it is in no way safe to look at...

Just be thankful she didn't have an ipod ;D

Clam chowder, that picture and this season all give me the shits. Somebody pass the Imodium.

Yeah, that pic's a real corn and peanut pie.

There goes my appetite ;O

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