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I want your ugly (well, not really)

So in those rare moments when I could tear myself away from the excitement that is the Septembah Red Sox, I found great amusement in Camille Paglia ripping Lady Gaga a new Gaga.


Paglia makes a good case against the Gaga ...


+ She treats her fans as if they are damaged goods in need of her therapeutic repair

+ She's self-potrayed as marginalized and destitute when in reality she's bankrolled by a powahful corporate apperatus.

+ Shes' ovah-conceptualised, clinical and strangely antiseptic.


Hey, whoa, wait a second... are we sure Paglia's talking about Gaga and not the 2010 Red Sox?


Yeah, talk about a Bad Romance.



...and speakimg of romances going south-looks like Randy and the Pats soon will be headed that way

Great weekend. Irish lose, Colts lose, Pats make a statement.

"Damaged goods in need to therapeutic repair."


Terrifically astute!

Terrifically astute!

The Red Sox are still playing? Seriously, this might be the first weekend during baseball season in the last 4 or 5 years that I didn't even bother to check Red Sox scores.

Well, at least Gaga wore a gown made out of meat last night at the VMAs. That's a plus.

RIP Kevin McCarthy-He was next.

i seem to remember in the 80s and early 90s it was madonna who was cast as the vulgar copycat of the 'true' erotic icons (monroe, deitrich etc.). now, madonna is real deal to which gaga pales in comparison. in 20 years the newest thing will compare unfavorably to the 'true' icon gaga. yawn.

Well, as a piece of damaged goods in need of theraputic repair, I found it theraputic to share COD's approach. I didn't look at sports of any variety all weekend, contenting myself by watching Season 10 of BBC's "Top Gear" on Netflix. And if you haven't caught up with this programme yet (yeah, that's right - I just went all BBC on you), I encourage you do to so. Best damn irreverent car show I've ever seen. Long live The Stig!

It was a good weekend.

Interesting line of thought, Granular, but I think and truly hope that there is no way in 20 years anybody will be talking about Lady Gaga as the "true" icon, for all the reasons Paglia so eloquently stated. And Madonna's latest album actually reflects a surpring amount of introspection, insight and honesty to which Gaga is the antithesis.

Neither Gaga or the Sox have much sex appeal at this point.

@Rob - been a Top Gear fan for several years now. Great show!

@Kev - My daughter and her fiance pointed me to the show a while back. I find the show erudite, sophomoric, and just plain funny as hell, all at the same time. Sort of a Soxaholix for the supercar-set.

Jeremy Clarkson is both hilarious and utterly un-PC. Here are a few good examples

Good stuff! I was introduced to it after seeing a clip of Clarkson taking an Ariel Atom for a spin.

took the 2.5 and 4 yr old to the game yesterday. glad the sex appeal is gone - only about 20 others in the stadium so sitting in one place, which isn't an option for us, worked just fine.

I was equally surprised that Beckett and both my boys lasted as long as they did.

I like the "strangely antiseptic" idea. Fits the Gagasox well. As pop music goes, she isn't actually bad at it, but not actually good at it either. Supposed to be sexy, but somehow just isn't.

They feel the same way. Without Lasershow and Youks and a big knock you on your ass catcher and an angry pitcher taking out a few rib bones, they aren't exactly bad at what they are doing, bot not really interesting to watch either. Feels a little like a well designed musical revue.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please be seated and welcome to the stage Lady Theo and The Boston Epsteins. Tonight they will be reciting a medley of some of your favorite gems from years past as originlly performed by the Boston Redsox. You will be able to imagine the magic of yesteryear from the comfort of your seat so generously provided by our sponsors here at Red Sox Nation. Please help support us and keep these memories alive by purchasing your souveniers on the way out this evening.

Thank you and enjoy the show.

um, it's really over. just sayin'

Please solve this dilemma: do I fly to Melbourne for the Collingwood v Geelong preliminary final this weekend.
Pro: It could be the Maggies last game (if they lose) and it would be nice to clap them off after a great season.
Con: It could be the Maggies last game of the season and I'l be pretty devastated after a great season.*
Pro: There'll be 90,000 mad people there and it will go off.
Con: it will cost a lot of money.
Pro & Con: If they win, they'll make the Grand Final and I have a guaranteed right to attend that game and will.
Con: The new Bang & Olufsen TV (and lifestyle choice) arrives on Saturday monring and (i) I'd miss the not-so-cheap thrill excitement and (ii) I wouldn't be here to help mrs sdu move the old components out of the living room (the B&O replaces EVERYTHING).
Pro: I wouldn't be here to help mrs sdu move the components ...
Con & Pro: I've already seen Geelong beat Collingwood in 2 prelimin. finals - revenge would be sweet but a repeat of history potentially life threatening.

It is possible that the Red Sox will be mathematically eliminated at aboutt he same time that Collingwood is eliminated. Oh, the symmetery, the humanity!.



It's simple - you're screwed either way. But the emotional torture of deciding what to do should provide us more excitement than the Sox series in Seattle.

PDU - Here's a suggestion. Do what one of your colleagues did and just toke it up. (And I thought we had the market cornered on idiots...)

And just for the record, pretty tough to get invested in the problem of whether to be home when the new B&O home theatre shows up while watching a 15" black and white unit with antenna covered in tin foil.

Bang & Olufsen? Really, man? That's some smokin' high fidelity.. Good on ya', man!

(Good luck with the decision.)


Good tip Rob, good tip.

Good tip Rob, good tip.

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