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I forgot to mention Manny. Oh, well...

Memo to the media: Can you dial back the storm-porn a wee bit?


Seriously. We're New Englandahs fercrissakes. We don't cowah at the approach of bad weathah – We thrive in bad weathah.


Absolutely. Look at Sylvia Plath. Going through a direct hit from the '38 hurricane had a huge influence on her latah work.


And the Hurricane of '38 Earl ain't.


Are you kidding me? I once had a golden showah from a Simmons College anorexic that was more powahful than Earl.



Sounds more like it was a Transparent Sponge Bath than a Golden Shower.

Gotta go now. Water to stock up on, generators to lease, gold to buy...

I'm more prone to those Fiesta Melons myself


Oh yes we can.

Bob - very good for a 鬼佬.

do you?

I'm more of a Phantom than a Ghost Man.

No, Goat, I don't. But I'm fluent in Google.

Blow wind blow-wherever you may go.

For storm aficianados. Groveton, NH, 1938. That's 180 miles from Boston, on the other side of the White Mountains. Give it your best shot Earl.

"...a golden showah from a Simmons College anorexic..."

That, h.b., is pure poetry. Nicely done.

I would have thought Smith

My first thought was actually Mount Holyoke.

Hot air? Blowing hard? Earl? Aren't they talking about this?

Ha-well played h.b.,well played ;D

Since it involves men, Smith is a poor choice as is MHC. But I'll defend MHC since my wife is a grad and I was a weekend boarder for many years. Men were the preferred choice back then.

started new job in August and just worked up the nerve to see if hb was blocked. I don't want to be part of the unemployment statistics again so alas my presence here will be sporadic.

Hi NolaSox! Sporadic is better than absent.

Now is the time I drink beer. Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

News from downunder:

1. Two weeks since the federal election and Australia still doesn't have a government. The current score: 72 Labor (silly party) 73 Liberal (sensible/ xenophobic party) 4 independents (barking mad) 1 Green. The Green and 1 of the barking mad have sided with labour. The 3 country independents closely considering the amount of pork in the respective barrels. Good Grief.

Maggies v Doggies in first finals game tonight 'Pies in Melbourne tonight. I'm flying to Melbourne with a good deal of black and white clothing. Carn'a'pies.

As to the 'Sox: ugh.

Oh, and hi Nolasox, get those Collingwood hats out.

welcome back, Nola! nice to see you again.... beer cart? don't mind if I do

ten bucks says Bill Lee lasts longer pitching Sunday than Beckett does

I'll wear my Collingwood hat tonight, SDU. It only has one bullet hole in it.

BTW, the Red Sox game has been postponed. It's been rescheduled for 1:10 tomorrow afternoon.

7.4 quake in New Zealand. Hope SDU isn't out on a boat.

History* is against us but our form is good.

*We haven't beaten another Melbourne team in a final since 1990. I've attended about 5 of these games at great financial and emotional cost.

I love you, man.

The Party's over
Time to call it a day...

Certainly nothing fun to yak about today ;(

Or the rest of the season.

Or the rest of the season.

I was at a nice birthday cookout yesterday, checking the game inside every once in a while. Caught the whole 8th and 9th though.

Nice birthday cookout...

Too many beer carts & too much beer. Got the DT's and rats are coming out of the walls to rip my flesh.
Oh god, Oh god.

just thought I'd mention I went to the gmae on Sunday. ugly

Apologies for not even posting a "Happy Labor Day -- no strip" announcement, but, you know... it is what it is.

I've pretty much gone into offseason mode...

But Happy Labor Day just the same.

so have the sox

life imitating art when it should be imitating major league caliber baseball.

I'm not really into this retro style of play the Redsox are going with

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