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Hair's the thing...

Christ, I've become so blasé that I was just bored enough to tune into the NFL Kickoff Countdown thingy and what I came away with was this:

I think Kanye West was onto something in re Taylor Swift.


I mean sound of bitch's voice absolutely shrivels my quahog.


Yeah, well, then there's Bob Costas.


Listening to him was always bad enough, but now looking at him is like staring into the sun, if the sun had a horrible dye job and wicked ridiculous mop cut or toupee, as the case may be.


You know I sorta get the whole Ode of a Grecian Formula thing, but the boyish moppy thing? C'mon, when you're close to 60 years what makes you think it's a good thing to mimic the hairstyle of a pubescent child?


I dunno, ask Tom Brady who isn't as old as Costas, of course, but still has a haircut fitting a 14-year old at summer soccer camp.


Battle of the age inappropriate haircut: Costas vs Brady. Who wins?


Wait...Is either haircut secretly named Ditka?



Both Cosata's and Brady's are rediculous. You nailed that one, h.b. A 14-year old at summer soccer camp. lol

Here's a very scary one: David Schwimmer doing a Bieber do.


Susan's shriveled Quahog??? I think I'm scarred for life ;D

Brady's job requires a helmet, so who cares what his hair looks like?

Costas appears on camera, and nominially has a stylist working with him. He has no excuse, so he wins and we all lose.

Costas is a tool.

I don't know why that cut is called a "Bieber." It's just a slightly more feminine version of the Earhart.


When one marries a supermodel, they apparently become effeminate soon after. Brady'll be sipping a half-cap double decaf mocha soy latte whilst wearing a Stankees cap in 5,4,3...

How dare you speak ill of TFB!!

May your gourd shrivel prematurely.

By the way, the driver that jumped out in front of Brady has six pages of driving citations including a DUI.

PS -- He's 21.

The poor kid is probably just misunderstood, or he came from poverty or worse he is from an officially sanctioned victims group.

It's not his fault! Society and this awful American culture is to blame.

God Damn, America. God Damn.

The driver's family is now "outraged" that the press is focusing on Brady, and that Brady hasn't contacted them.

Personally, I think the driver already provided enough contact.

On a totally different note. This is where my brain has been lately, along the lines of Kill, Fuck or Marry but instead call it drop/trade, low-ball, sign. 3 players VMart, Beltre, Ellsbury.

I know, slow day at work.

I can't believe Brady didn't have the decency to let that kid run the red light! He acted stupidly! Maybe we should hold a "crash summit" to discuss the matter with our highest elected officials...

Maybe the kid is just a Colt's fan.

By "red" light you're speaking derogatory code hate speech about the indigenous peoples of this land, a land which was stolen, stolen!, by the patriarchal death squads of Western Civilization.

I'm tellin' ya...I GOTTA have MORE QUAHOG!

slow day at the office, hb?

Damn right I'm spewing hate! The Sox are nearly effing mathematically out of it! And I'm trying to rid myself of the "not making the playoffs anger!"

What a day of hair and wreck talk. Hey, why not combine the two?


Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

damn, Bob. Should've warned us about the picture...that shrivels my gourd.

damn, Bob. Should've warned us about the picture...that shrivels my gourd.

I'm swearin' off chowdah

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