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Falling back

So long summah.


Great now the Red Sox can ruin my Ode to Autumn.


It's the season of mists and fallow fruitlessness.


The gourd is so not swelled.


Thing is though come January we'd give anything for baseball, even a meaningless loss to the meaningless Orioles.


I dunno, depends who's pitching.


Yeah, when you can't watch grass grow you can always watch icicles sublimate.



I had a choice last night. Watch Dice-K pitch, or endure the horror that is Abby's guilty pleasure, "How I Met Your Mother."

Given how well he plays his womanizing character, it surprises me that Neil Patrick Harris is gay.

I'm waiting for Il Duce et al. to tell CHB and the rest of them that we aren't supposed to like Daisuke anymore, then it'll be the full Nomah/Manny/Ellsbury treatment for him before we get rid of him next year for a AA relief pitcher and a pack of smokes.

Given the price of a pack of smokes these days, that might not be a bad deal...

If you think NPH is good in HIMYM, you should see him in How You Met Everyone's Niece...also you should check NPH out in both of the Harold & Kumar movies (although he plays a bigger role in the first one). In the movies he's a drug-abusing, womanizing, sex fiend. It's hilarious.

By the way, if we win all of the rest of our games...the Red Sox still blow hard this season. It's a wonder how we even won 80 games.

Look at our Team-vs-Team Grid! We only beat the Angels (9-1), Toronto (12-6), and Seattle (7-3) and the NL (13-5) all season!! I'm not counting the Twins or Kansas City, because there were so few games against them. I have no confidence that we wouldn't go lose 2 to them tomorrow if they were on our schedule.

Now, sure, injuries and whatever...but you play to win the game. When we can't rely on Matsuzaka, Beckett, or Lackey...that's not "oh the injuries". When we can't rely on Papelbon or anyone else in the bullpen not named Bard (ignoring last night's anomalous choice to pitch him early with runner's on...WTF, Tito??)...that's not "oh the injuries". This team just flat out blew it this year. The injured are the lucky ones. They get bragging rights for not having been involved in this free fall...but of course, they're the easy scapegoat since you can't be mad at them for being injured (ok, you can be mad at Ellsbury). So, let's just all be sure to say "well, we never had a complete team"...even though a significant portion of the uninjured individuals never played at par to give the rest of the fill-ins a chance to win.

well said, Kaz. I had tickets to the game last night- couldn't get rid of them on stub hub, at work, hell couldn't GIVE them away. Another option was to actually GO to the game, which I couldn't bring myself to do because Dice K was pitching. He's flat-out painful. And even though I'm out $100 this AM, somehow it doesn't feel bad. At all.

(plus, I got to catch the Five-O reboot, aka Five-O-ADHD)

Having caught both The Ev3nt (aka LostX24-Files) and most of Hawaii-5-0-reloaded (aka Bad Boys in Honolulu), I just have to say I weep for the state of drama on our TVs.


While I think not having Ellsbury, Pedey and Youk certainly hurt and cost us some close games, I agree with you that 3/5ths of our vaunted pitching staff grossly underperformed. And Dice-K's 9-6 record is grossly misleading. It's been gross.

RIP Leonard Skinner

Skinner's soul is now as free as a bird.

Good post Kaz...almost nearly agree with your entire assessment. This may have been THE most frustrating year in my 40+ years of Sox fandom for many of the reasons stated.

By the by, network television is almost by definition horrible. There are fabulous shows on AMC (Breaking Bad, Mad Men), fx, HBO etc. TV is not a vast wasteland if you look in the right places.

To quote The Boss:

"Fifty-seven channels and nothin' on."

"Mad Max" on AMC last night.

A beaut.

Was at Sunday's Day game vs. Blue Jays. Sox win, MFY lose..."so you're sayin' there's a chance...?" with 6 vs. MFY went through my head. Last night my more primitive brain finally surrendered to my prefrontal cortex...logic prevails over sentiment...some of them have stopped trying and can't wait to fly home for the fall and winter, eh, Mothra-san

I agree with much of what you say, Kaz. Maybe the Sox need to send a pitching scout out to Montana.

Planned a trip to Chicago for this weekend a few months back. Tickets to Cubs vs. Cards Sunday and Sox vs. Sox on Monday. Had no idea I'd be watching the AAA cubs with a no name manager and the Sox with no playoff hopes. Extremely deflating.

Planned a trip to Chicago for this weekend a few months back. Tickets to Cubs vs. Cards Sunday and Sox vs. Sox on Monday. Had no idea I'd be watching the AAA cubs with a no name manager and the Sox with no playoff hopes. Extremely deflating.

Rob, why is Wake wearing a White Sox jersey in that pic?

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