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A very serious situation

The omniscient voice from the trolley:
Attention Soxaholix readers and community:

Regrettably, yesterday's strip was based on the erroneous premise that the Red Sox had been eliminated from the postseason after the loss to the Yankees on Sunday night.

Consequently, this error in the narrative has created a dangerous rip in the time-space continuum.

According to the universal laws of science fiction, as you know, any action taken while the time-space continuum is in flux brings with it the very real risk of the end of life as we know it.


Therefore, for the benefit of all living things, the Soxaholix strip has been quarantined and will not be permitted to continue until the rip in the time-space continuum has been repaired.

End of message.



1.21 gigawatts? 1.21 gigawatts? Great Scott!

Let's pray Biff doesn't stop Mahts from becoming a mother fucker.

Nothing can stop Mahts from becoming a mother fucker.

If only Paps hadn't blown that game Sunday. It's almost a state of near panic in this area anyway - if they had won they'd now have fate in their own (unlikely) hands. A damn shame.

h.b. -- the funniest non-strip yet !!!

If only Paps hadn't blown those seven other games...

If only our supposed ace was 15-5...

Q:So what happens to the space time continum if the Sox win all six remaining games, the mfy lose all five of theirs, and we win a one game playoff to win the wild card?

A: We would clearly be living in an alternate reality anyway so it won't matter.

Shouldn't that train be steam engine?

Steve in MD - I think the Sox have to win it all this year for the rip in the space time continuum to become a problem, say, next year.

Maybe h.b. will be forced to explore this bizarre twist in the Soxaholix universe.

You gooched us losing h.b. You gooched it.


Meanwhile, in that alternate universe:

Man on phone: "Hey, Grady. Grady! This is your cousin, Mortimer. Mortimer Little. You know that new sound you were looking for? You know, the sound of the Red Sox WINNING the Division? Well, listen to this..."

*sound of thunderous cheering at Fenway.*

Oh. Wait...

H.B., all you need to do is have Superman fly backwards around the world real fast to reverse time, then rewrite the strip.

Easy peasy.

Anyone look at the team photo recently? Half the player's images have faded out.

It's the end of the world as we know it...and I feel fine ;D

All we have to do is make Saltalamacchia say his name backwards...

Rex Ryan made the same mistake last year, and the MFJ's got all the way to the AFC championship. Could HB's error work the same magic?

A shout-out to the great George Blanda, who passed away yesterday at 83 (after throwing three TDs in a Raider loss).

Speaking of Back to the Future, nice article about Teddy Ballgame's final at bat 50 years ago today by Jim Caple on ESPN.com today.

I was under the mistaken impression that yesterday's strip was tongue in cheek, hence my lingering fart comment.

Now, I must go convince my mom she doesn't actually want to make out with me and explain to her my name is not Calvin, regardless of what my purple underpants might say.

So when the 'fine woman of the soxaholix' calender is published (cf strip a few days or weeks ago - I'm lost in a parallel time warp following the drawn grand final*) Lisa will emerge from behind her desk, Natalie will be in teal, goodness knows what Susan will do and Pseudo will be in purple CKs. Ah, its all taking shape.

* Yes, for those of you worrying, I have secured tickets to the replay. It is becoming a very expensive exercise.

But, sdu, have you started the requisite tailgating yet?

In this reality tailgating is the exactly same, but for the fact everyone's face is inside out.

@sdu One could break out the Calvins but they are a bit threadbare, considering they are 25/55 years old.

In my alternative universe, teal and purple NEVER clash.

And just like the old Travelers Insurance Co. Currier and Ives calendar prints, every month will be in a frame on my office wall.


...and kittens have replaced bacon.

Celebratory KLTs for all!

Something in the universes is broken...BP didn't put out a new post-season odds for today. I wanted to see what our numbers looked like after last night's win.

They simulate the rest of the season 1,000,000 times...that's 1,000,000 parallel universes...and they're all...broken...today.

Nice work, h.b. Nice work.

Mmmm, 25 year old Calvins!

Anyone else hear crickets?

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