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Watch me pull a strip out of hat

Don't' get me wrong, I loves me some Bob Ryan and all...


But when Ryan writes, "The Sox faithful must be disappointed that the trade deadline passed without a big deal," I'm like "Wha?"


I mean maybe I just don't have my fingahs on the same pulse of Red Sox faithful that Ryan does, but it seems to be the post trading deadline gestalt can be summed up as one of acceptance.


True, but to be fair, I think there is disappointment in the sense that there was nothing to be had of value at a reasonable price rathah than disappointment ins the sense of Theo and the Sox somehow "not trying."


Yeah, well, if you want to talk about disappointment now that the Clinton-Mezvinsky wedding is in the books, my life is going to be so fucking empty without the nonstop pre-nuptial media barrage.


But just think, one day years from now you'll always be able to say, "I remembah exactly what I was doing on that momentous day in American history when the stars aligned ovah Rhinebeck, NY!"


Puffin' the chronic and watching Rocky and Bullwinkle.


Ah, yes, carpe diem.



Somewhere Boris and Natasha are smiling ;)

Natasha: Boris, is Moose you said you killed in previous episode?
Boris: Look, it's his show. If he wants to be hard to kill, let him.

Sort of like the Red Sox. If they want to be hard to kill, it's their show, let them.



Quite frankly with the way I saw the game yesterday, Theo should've done something.

Buchholz pitches a gem and Paps nearly threw it all way. What. The. Fuck?

Jonathan Badenov?

If I hadn't caught 5 minutes of the news Friday morning over breakfast I wouldn't have had a clue that Chelsea was getting married. That was the first, and last, that I heard of it.

Snidely Whiplash and Rollie Fingers: separated at birth?

that trick _always_ works h.b.

Only time will tell if Theo was more Fearless Leader or Captain Wrongway Peachfuzz.

I always accompany pulling mail out of my school mail box with "Fan mail from some flounder?"

No one ever gets it.

God I'm old.

maybe the Sox can scout for talent at Wossamotta U

hb -- I think you nailed it. The disappointment was that there was no fairly-priced talent. I completely agree with Theo that trading prospects for intrinsically volatile relievers is not the way to go. And with the Padres in 1st, ain't no way we're getting Gonalez.

Narrator: Tune in next game for...

"The Minor Pitches a Gem"


"Sox Won to No One".

Definately a fractured fairy tale

Hmmm, so Yanks get Kearns, Berkman and Wood. The Sox: bupkis. I think the writing is on the wall, and it reads, "There's always next year." Thanks, Theo.

Semi-related tangent: has 3D TV made it to the States yet? Anyone have it? When I saw Toy Story 3 over here, they were advertising Sky HD 3D, and I am telling you, live sports on TV has never looked so f***ing cool. I covet this technology so badly, although am pretty sure if I had it I would never leave my apartment during baseball season. I could even finally get into EPL football, because on the big movie screen in 3D....damn it was thrilling to watch!

They have been advertising 3D TVs for a few months now - not sure if you can actually buy one yet though.

I know at least Sony is offering 3D TVs for sale at their stores. I think Best Buy is in on it as well.

You could have watched NESN's Countdown to Trade Deadline show in 3D and watched the crickets jump. in 3D.

Theo: Hey, Larry, watch me pull a free agent out of my hat!

Larry: Again?

Theo: Presto!

[Nothing happens...]

Theo: No doubt about it, I gotta get another hat.

Not too long ago, a much healthier Sox team was a game out of first. Let's see what happens when (if?) they get everybody back.


Um okay.

Peabody here, today we are going to take the WABAC machine back to when the Apaches were really fighters. step aside, Jacoby.

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