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Red Sox: Ur doin it wrong

I don't like to put too much stock in these "best of" lists...


But according to the sagacious folks at Forbes in their American's Best Sports Fans list it's Red Sox fans #1, Yankees fans #14.

Play the sad trombone sound. Heh heh.


Yeah, well, so aftah last night's shoddy defense and 9-run beta team roll ovah and piss submission to the Indians how do "the Best" fans feel now?


Ah, kinda like Pete Best now that you mention it.



If a Red Sox player simply gives it their best, he gets treated the best. Unless he leaves for the Skankees, in which case he gets treated like Robert Henry Best.

So all we have to do to get fired blackballed from Rho Sigma Nu is to cheer my best but refuse the pink hat uni and refuse to hang with the rest of the nation?

and once fired, I can still cheer for my team even though I don't have a membership card?

can I also just be a 2nd tier fan, you know, maybe 20th best in the land?

That really would be for the best.

I'm not seeing any images in the strip today. Checked in both IE and Firefox too.

Oops. Got snagged when I fixed a typo. Should be ok now.

The images work if you view the strip on the archive page. Strange.

He wore a cane and derby hat.

Unless he leaves for the Skankees, in which case he gets treated like Robert Henry Best.

Or Ezra Pound... (Oooh, aren't we literary today?)

to follow on the Lowell love fest from yesterday - been trying to get the Puerto Rican restaurant here in Santa Rosa to put a picture of ML along side the hard nipple shots of J-Lo. Perfect side by side for my lunch break.

Oh, and last night sucked. Doesn't give me much hope that we'll be at our best this weekend.

The embedded sad trombone sound is a very nice touch, h.b.

I watched the whole shitfest last night and, at the end, only one word could describe how I felt about this team and this season: glum.

Love the trombone. Red Sox horrible yesterday but that intersting Japanese chap is pitching today so all should be well. ? ? ? Triple sweep tha Yanks and all will be well. ? ? ?




Yep. Torn abductor muscle. Right thumb. Surgery Friday.

Evidently, it's a very rare injury for a baseball player. Much more common in basketball and masturbation.

Could that be the sound of the ever elusive Rusticus Trombonius?

Does anyone know the specifics of Youk's injury (or know somewhere I can find it)? It doesn't sound right to me because they keep saying it's the muscle in the thumb and whatnot but the aBductor (pollicis) muscle belly lies on the posterior forearm deep to the wrist extensors. The only part to reach the thumb is the tendonous insertion point at the first metacarpal. Is this what they're operating on? Sorry for the medi-dweeb talk, but I'm a physio and I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around what's being reported.

This just in-Whitey Bulger exposes self on T ;)

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