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Not gleeful, gleehalf-empty

And the Emmy for most indolent performance in a must-win series goes to... The cast of the Boston Red Sox.


This season has become such a friggin song and dance that Glee should just go ahead and do a Red Sox themed episode.


Yeah, Kurt Hummel could play Ellsbury.


So now is the The Most Important Series of the Season the one with Tampa at home next week or the one in the Bronx in at the end of the month?


I dunno. I don't think I can take anymore of The Most Important Series of the Season series.


Seriously. These things are starting to feel like the morning sun on a drunk on fae blood Russell Edgerton.



Well, that just about halves our playoff options and odds. The "must win" series now is against New York. We've basically given Tampa Bay an insurmountable lead over us. With 6 left against New York, they become the only way we're going to get into the playoffs.

Also, I thought best supporting female in a drama series was wrong. It should have gone to Christina Hendricks' dress. That was the best supporting I've seen all year.

Looks like college football season is starting just in time this year.

Looks like college football season is starting just in time this year.

Looks like college football season is starting just in time this year.

The season is officially over. Time to bring up the guys from Pawtucket to give them experience. Oh wait ...

Where can I rent me a nice sunset?

oh me/ye of little faith.

sunsets on deck



Hey HB - feel free to delete my two repeats. I swear I only clicked post one time.

We have some lovely parting gifts, thanks for playing..ba-bye now.

Sent the youngest off to UVM this weekend...college hockey cannot start soon enough

In other news, it appears as though Manny is outting on hhis White Sox - which means Manny will be Manny at Fenway this weekend.

That is putting on his White Sox... damn allergy drug haze is killing me today.

Truck day is only 5 months away.

I don't usually look forward to five hour Monday morning meetings, but today I made an exception. Anything to avoid talking about that series.

You can talk all day about the injuries that the Sox had throughout the season. While I agree those injuries were huge, we can't forget about the horrible season that Lackey has had, and how Beckett lost 8-2 leads, and how Paps, couldn't hold 3 run leads in the 9th.....Those things contributed more to the Sox problems than the injuries.

Glee sucks.

Worse than the Red Sox this year.

Christina Hendricks, people. Christina Hendricks.

And believe me, Kaz, I was grateful. Great stuff.

Anything fun to yak about yet??? j/k Bob ;O

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